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Welcome to Brenda’s guest book! Please use the comment section below to sign the guest book. (Do not post questions about orders here. Please use the contact form link instead. Click here to view a PDF document of past comments.


  1. Denise Hale says

    I just wanted to let you that I read and love all your books. My favorites are the Westmorelands and Madaris and I can’t forget the Steels. Please keep them coming and I am counting down the day’s for Baily and Bane”s stories. Keep up the wonderful works of art.

    Always a Fan!!!

  2. Viviene says

    Hello Brenda, I love the beautiful Westmoreland family, they are so very real to me and that is all you and your amazaning writing skills. Thank you beautiful lady.

  3. Sheila Collins says

    Hi Brenda

    I just finish reading the sneak preview for Bailey’s story EXCELLENT. I can not wait for the book to come.

    Sending You Love And Peace.


  4. Alice Smith says

    Love your books – the first books I read were books 1 – 5 of the Westmoreland series and I immediately bought books 6 – 15 and have read every Westmoreland books thereafter. I can’t wait to read about Bane and Bailey. I find myself drawn to your different series and was wondering will there be anymore about the Madaris family and friends. Just finished reading this series for the third time and am beside myself wondering whom Mama Laverne has setup to be married next.

    Continue to provide outstanding reading that I can’t put down and will read over and over again.

  5. Clinique Moore says

    You are my favorite author! Your books are well written. When the story is over, I am like “NO! Can it just be a little more to read. Every book you have written is great, I have not read one book from you that makes me not want to read again. I am so hoping your next book will tell Bane and Crystal story. I love how he is determined to go after the woman he love and not care on others thoughts about it. Please let this be your next book!

  6. Jo Ann says

    I love escaping my life within the covers of your books! I have read everything that you have written…please continue your legacy of great work. I look forward to seeing what you bring to us in the future (I will miss your work this summer).

  7. Phae Gale says

    Mrs. Jackson,

    As a single woman still waiting on my price charming to arrive, I find myself reading your books and wishing for a man like one of the Westmorelands, Madaris’, Grangers, or Steeles (to name a few). I have cried tears because I wish for a love like the ones written so eloquently in your books. I have been a long time fan, and will continue to support you. Thanks so much for writing stories about true Black love. I believe it really exists and my time will come.

  8. Nellie Dumas says

    Hi Ms. Jackson, I’m a first time travel fan/member, Burmuda 2015. Thanks for bringing romance front and center for Black/African American women. For so long Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel and others were on the book shelves; and of course, I like many other women of color purchased their books. Ms. Jackson thanks for giving women of color our own Sheroes and Heroes. Your style of writing is in my opinion unique, fresh and alway leaves me in a complete state of euphoric splendar. I am currently re-reading the Granger Series.

  9. Paula G says

    I tip my hat to you once again! The Lover Vow was a great book and a perfect ending for the Grangers. I pre-ordered in for my kindle and actually saved it as a Mother’s Day gift to myself. All day was just me and the Grangers! My day of no cooking/cleaning was a perfect day to read the book I waited a long time for!

    I also very happy to know that Bailey and Bane stories are on the way. I already purchased them for my Kindle and I going to have more “me” days…November for Bailey and December for Bane. What a way to end the year.

    • Clinique Moore says

      Wow. I just wrote a post saying I am ready to see these stories, where do I find this info. I am so ready to read Bane story. I want to see Bailey story as well.

  10. Jemma Stoute says

    Hi Brenda,
    Love all your books. I was waiting for your next Granger book with much
    anticipation. Slight problem . The hunk on the cover is my son. Haha!!

  11. Felicia Malveaux says

    Hi Mrs. Jackson, let me start by first saying i am truly sorry for your recent lost of your husband. I am such a big and devoted fan. I have read all your series and probably all of your books. If i miss any it was not by choice just an oversight. You are indeed my favorite author and i have read a book that i didn’t love and i have fallen in love with every male person you have in your books. i imagine myself as being the woman in each of there lives. Your stories are so real and touching to me to where i can’t help but pretend i’m involved with them lol. Keep doing all the great writing and i can promise you i will continue to buy everyone of your books. Can’t wait for Bailey and Bane story. Also, i hope you will write another Granger story on the Shepard and Carson and continue touching on what’s been going on with the son’s and there wives. Thanks again for being an amazing author and please never stop doing what you do best and that’s making us all happy with your books. Well at least don’t stop anytime soon because we all do want to retire one day in our life:)



  12. Yvonne Harris says

    Ms. Jackson,
    I truly enjoy reading your novels. I’m new to your work. I began reading your novels in late February of this year. Due to my chronic pain illness, I had to stop working full-time. So I decided to devote a lot of my free time to reading.
    I have read 8 of your novels that I’ve pick out from my local library. Every other week or less, I can’t wait to go to the fiction section and pick out your next book on the shelf. I love the way you format your novels with plenty of passion and the skillful element for the plot. Your characters are distinguished and individuals that are amazingly believable that I can visualize them when I read the story. I am making it my goal to get caught up on your list of novels for the rest of the summer.
    Thank you for making my reading experience such an enjoyable adventure.
    God Bless,
    Yvonne Harris
    572 Mulberry Way S
    Westerville, OH 43082

  13. Marjorie Lawson says

    Hello Ms. Brenda,

    I just finished reading A Lover’s Vow, and girl it was hot. I am truly a fan of your work. I have a lot of your books. I have all of the sequels that you have written. You put your heart and soul in your work and it shows the love you had or have for your late husbands. Continue to write those special love stories and I will continue to purchase your work.

    Thank you,

    Marjorie Lawson
    5100 Brownwood Drive
    Powder Springs, GA 30127

  14. Barbara Thigpen says

    I am deeply sorry for your husbands demise. I too, have a heavy void over me. I also lost my one true love on December 19, 2014. The world keeps moving,yet, sometimes I’m frozen within a circle of loneliness-as the bridge-it leads to nowhere. Your books and daily lessons mean a great deal to me. Thank you for reading this and I know YOU Will AlWAYS HOLD GODS’ HAND AS A COMFORT AND A STRENGTH. FOR HE IS AN AWESOME GOD. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  15. Barbara Thigpen says

    WOW! You are GREAT!! From the beginning when you praise GOD for your gift
    to the end where I release my sigh, I fnd your books entertaining, and delightful.
    Waiting for the third “Granger” story.. Dalton is the wild card for sure!
    Keep up the excellent storytellng. I one day aspire to write also.

  16. Margie Williams says

    Brenda: I really enjoy reading your books. When I start reading one, I do not put it down until I have finished reading it. They really put spice in my life. You are my favor Author. I have all of you books on my book shelf. Can’t wait for your next book to come out. Keep doing what you do. Thanks

  17. MaRae says

    Ms. Brenda,

    I am huge fan of your books! I read my my first book by you when I was in the 10th or 11th grade and I have been hooked ever since! You are my favorite author! My bookcase is full of your books and it is continually growing. Reading your books just make me happy, because they are so amazing! I will always be a fan of yours!

  18. Kimberly Williams says

    OMG, your books are simply terrific. Every since I picked up my first Brenda Jackson book at the age of 18, I have been hooked, I am 35 now, married for nine years and I still get excited when a new book is release, I have my own collection going I have every book from every series I can tell you how much I love reading you stories of instant attraction, lost, triumph and every lasting love. I am anxiously awaiting the books of Brisbane and Bailey because I know they are going to be page turners especially Bane’s story.

  19. Barbara says

    Good Morning~ I believe I have read all the Steele series, I was wonder where I would find the “Bad” Steele books.

  20. Robin Johnson says

    Ms. Jackson, I have read all the Westmoreland books to date and I am anxiously awaiting the stories of Bailey and Bane. But especially Bane. I just love a man in uniform. Can you tell me or give me an idea of when Bane’s story will be in print? Every since I read the first book of Delaney’s romance with her desert Prince, I have been hooked on the Westmoreland’s. Old Raphael sure did leave a lasting impression and some impressive DNA out there in the world! Love your books! All of them.

    • Brenda Woodbury says

      Response to Robin Johnson: Bailey Westmoreland’s book comes out November 2015 and Bane Westmoreland’s comes out the following month in December 2015.

  21. MARY EASON says

    MRS Jackson I am so sorry for your lost my prays are with you and your family I love every thing you write I thank that I have read everything you have written I love all you have written about each family keep on doing your thing

  22. Amanda says

    Dear Mrs Jackson,
    When I started reading your series on the Westmorelands I never thought I would become so caught up in their lives. I know that the only family members you haven’t written about yet are Brisbane and Bailey and I am anticipating there release. I loved the Westmoreland family interviews and would love to here more from the rest of the Atlanta Westmorelands.

    I just want to say thank you for all your writing and I hope you are blessed with many more years of Best selling books.

    • Novella says

      I have read every book in the “Westmoreland” series, I look forward to reading more about the Westmoreland’s. You are my favorite author, and thank you for 20 years of amazing stories. I love all your books but the Westmoreland’s are special, I’m looking forward to reading about Bailey and Bane. Congratulations on being such a wonderful author.

  23. Ralfela says

    Thank you, Mrs. Jackson for 20 years of amazing stories. I have enjoyed every book that you have released and so excited to read Baileys and Banes stories. I also hope that you will be writing more Madaris stories. I truly miss the Madaris family they are how I was first introduced to your. I look forward to all your upcoming novels. Congratulations on such wonderful success.

  24. Tay says


    I love your books. I have finally read all of them “I think”. I would just like to know if or when the books of Zion and Virgil will be out.


  25. Pam says

    Hi Brenda, Happy New Year!!! to you and your family. I have been a fan of your books since Tonight and Forever. I have read and love them all. I would love to know if there is a story in the future for Uriel’s Dad and the Steele’s Mom. Keep up the great writing.

  26. Leya says

    I have read almost all your books. They are really wonderful. When is the story of Brisbane Westmoreland going to be out?

    • Tay says

      I wanted to know this too because he seems to be the most mysterious out of all of his bothers, sisters, and cousins.

  27. Francene Thomas says

    Hi, Ms. Jackson : I was introduce to your books a few years back, and I became instantly hook on your writing, I have collected many of your books and have made a list of the one I presently do not have. I even have all of your double books series. your writing has help me through some hard situations reading your books serves as an outlet for my stress. I pray good health and happiness for you and your family, my you contain to write the books ever

  28. sarah parker says

    Hey Ms Brenda, just wanted to let you know, that I love your books, they are a wonderful to read awesome can’t wait to read more when I’m able to get them, your westmoreland books Aww cant put into words they are great, thank you.

  29. Beryl says

    Hello Brenda,
    Just started to read your books, finish the Granger Series can’t wait for the Dalton book. I would like to know how the order of the Steele Series goes so I can read in order.

  30. Marilyn Wilson says

    OMGoodness!!! Oh my Mrs. Brenda Jackson . I have so enjoyed reading your Westmoreland Interviews on your website page. I just love the Westmorelands you really bring them to life. I’m a fan for life. You are a great writer. Looking forward to reading more of your books. So exited about your up coming new releases. Looking forward to your Black Friday sale. Getting ready to start the Steele Series now. I so LOVE series books. Waiting for the release of Secret Affair and the A Lover’s Vow.

  31. says

    Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thanks, However I am having difficulties with
    your RSS. I don’t know why I cannot subscribe to it.

    Is there anybody else getting identical RSS problems?
    Anyone who knows the answer will you kindly respond?

    • Marva says

      Thanks for atleast two decades of fun, The Granger series I’m loving it and awaiting for Dalton storyline. My all time and probably always be The Madaris series. Again thanks for representing the African Amercian culture.

  32. Cynthia Middlebrooks says

    Thank you for using your gift to help people to believe in true love and family value; especially in African American . I love your books and how you give back to your readers and others. With that being said; will you be doing a book about Cohn and Dee story from A Steele for Christmas? Thank you again and continue to be a blessing for so many of us.

  33. Janice says

    I love your writing love all your series have all of them. Waiting on Bane & Zion story line. I know these two would be the greatest of all your work, and especially if you combined them. Iam sure everyone would agree since we’ll waiting so long Hope you think about it GOD Bless You
    Janice from Houston

  34. Ruth says

    Hi Brenda, glad you had a wonderful time in Hawaii. I hope to visit someday. I’m patiently waiting on the next Madaris & Steele families books. I love all the family series but the Madarises & Westmorelands are my favorites.

    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

    God’s Blessings

  35. Ann Wofford says

    I love all of your books, just finished a A Man’s Promise for the second time, I am waiting for Dalton’s story.

  36. pauline smith says

    Yupp I’m addicted starring reading u at 17 I’m 25 now and I’m in love with the westmoreland series and the Steeles and of course my first family is the madaris . Love every book you write. You are truly talented!!!!! Much love to you

  37. amber says

    Mrs.Brenda Jackson
    I happen to love your stories especially the series and i am patiently waiting to read bailey and brisbane westmoreland’s story and i hope they are coming soon. However, I recently stumbled upon a new series that i love even more and it’s the granger’s. I’ve read both book and I see that the third book is due for 2015 which i can’t wait to read continue writing, and I’ll continue reading and supporting.
    Sincerely amber k.

  38. Pamela and Michael says

    Mrs.Jackson, you have heard from my husband and me from time to time throughout the years. As I told you before my husband and I are your #1 fans. Since 1995 with the first Madaris book to the Westmorelands, to the Steele’s to the Grangers. Bachelor’s in Demand. We have every book written in each of those series. As well as your online stories and those in Anthologies. Looking forward to your novel A Silken Thread coming to the big screen. I would love to see Ties that Bind (among many of your others) brought to the big screen, the Up Chanel, Cable, Hallmark! Lifetime.
    We’re looking forward to meeting you 9/19 in Atlanta. Until then take care and safe travels.

  39. Kim Adams says

    Hello Brenda,

    Greetings from Mobile, Al! I just started reading your work late last year, The Granger series, & I am definitely a fan :) Love the Granger brothers & can’t wait to see Dalton & Jules’ story unfold.

    Your journey as an author is so inspiring to me. Continued success!


  40. Kenya says

    I’m pretty new to Erotica books, maybe the last 8 months. Ms. Brenda I came across yours and haven’t put then down…I have put your books into my monthly budget lol. I believe my first book was one from from the Steele series, and since the I have all of those, some Westmoreland, and so forth. So one day I found your Connecting Series list and have started completely over. I’m now starting from the beginning with the Madaris Series. Your writing is exceptional. I can see the growth and Blessings in each story…what I was missing. Thank you for bringing these stories alive :-).

    Looking forward to continuously reading your new and old – KCE

  41. Ana says

    Since 2004 you have been my favorite author my favorite book is ridding the perfect storm that’s my favorite I remember walking 3 miles to the nearest Walmart to get it. I’m very sorry about your husband death

    but I have a question can you please please let me know when is the next madaris i’m dying to read the one about Nolan. Every time I buy your books it’s like watching a telenovela and it’s always like the next episode is not tomorrow but every nine months I feel like I’m having a baby every time I have to wait for your books. another thing I think your book should be made in to lifetime movie network movie they are awesome have you thought about.

  42. Grace Ingrid says

    Hi Brenda, I so love your books – once I start reading one I cant put it down till I finish – even if it means reading through the night. I am anxious for Bane’s story (the Westmoreland series) would you know how soon that would be written or if it is already written – what is the title? I am sure it is going to be an intense and challenging book – especially considering that Bane has no idea where his love moved to and he is still in love with her after so long. Please do let me know.

  43. Laverne Norman says

    Ms. Jackson,

    I am reading “Ties that Bind” – It is excellent. I am a graduate of Morgan State University, reading about Howard University and the relationships of young love, living in the dorm, roommates you never want to see again (smiles) bring back so many memories. I am enjoying your book and will read more. My best to everything you are doing and achieving.
    Laverne Norman
    Richmond, VA

  44. Andrea says

    Hi Brenda,

    Been a fan since last year. I have now read all of your books and was just wondering when you will be coming out with more books it the Steele’s, Bachelor in Demand and Madaris series. Thanks you for sharing your amazing gift us.

  45. Gilda Nelson says

    Hello, from Ghana, West Africa, been reading romance novels forever, since I discovered kimani romance and Brenda Jackson books its been wonderful. You have fans in Ghana. Collected all 1st batch of Westmoreland series and only one could never find was Reggie Westmoreland story. Would appreciate if you send an free online version for your fans in Ghana to my email address at

  46. De'Anna Virgil says

    Hello Mrs.Jackson,
    I have been a HUGE fan of yours since I was like 13 years old.I am now 17 years old and even currently working on my own book idea (it’s not romance but fantasy) .I was wondering what advice you’d give to new writers on how to stay focused.I can’t wait for Brisbane and Crystal’s Story.It’s going to be hard waiting a whole year for it to come out.My favorite book was actually The Midnight Hour.I loved how Sir Drake basically told Tori she wasn’t leaving him again!
    Love your books ,

  47. says

    Hi Brenda, just wanted to no when you will be doing the book about Dalton Granger. Get back to me? I am one of your favorite readers. You are my favorite authors. Love to you and your family. PEACE

  48. Robin McKinney says

    Hi Mrs. Jackson,

    I have been a fan since Justin and Loren’s story was told. I have read all of your books and I am always anxiously waiting for your next book! I must say though, “A Man’s Promise” took me to a whole new level of appreciation for your writing style. I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait for Dalton’s story. I think Terrance Howard’s character in “A Best Man Holiday” reminds me so much of Dalton that I couldn’t stop laughing at him while I read your book. Of course I can’t wait for Bane’s and Crystal’s story either. Please keep up the great work and I can’t wait to one day join you on your cruise. (smile)

    Your forever fan,

    Houston, TX

  49. Artis says

    First, I would like to say I have never been disappointed by any of your books. I just read A Man’s Promise. I cannot wait for Dalton’s book to be released. Also, I am waiting for Aidan story too. Most of all I am on pins and needles waiting for Bane and Crystal story to be told. That is the book I am waiting on MOST OF ALL. Thanks for all the wonderful books.

  50. Hannah says

    Over Tha past 3 months I managed to read all the Westmoreland, Steels and now Granger novels. The Grangers are the Abosulte best novels. Both books takes you into the lives of all 3 brothers. I cannot wait for Dalton Granger story. Do you have any idea when that book will be coming? I geuss I’m spoiled because I just started reading all your novels back to back so didnt have to wait for the next volume. However, I’m all caught up and need more.

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  52. Jeanette Brown says

    Hi Mrs. Jackson! I just read A Man Promise. And I loved it. I am waiting for to see what happen with Dalton and Jude. And I am also waiting to see what happen with Bane and Crystal. I love your work. And I am waiting for the next book. Happy 4th of July 2014

  53. kasey says

    Hello Brenda..I love all your books. My favorite of them all was Perfect FIt. I think they should be a sequel for the all the perfect series character. Maybe you should write one book with all characters after they got married. I would love to know how gabe and sage as well as parnell and rose are doing years later. Keep up the good work

  54. kettie says

    Hello Brenda..I love all your books. My favorite of them all was Perfect FIt. I think they should be a sequel for the all the perfect series character. Maybe you should write one book with all characters after they got married. I would love to know how gabe and sage as well as parnell and rose are doing years later. Keep up the good Work

  55. Tosha says

    Brenda, I have just finished reading the second book in the Granger series and I loved it. I can’t wait to read Dalton’s story it should really be fun. I love his character and hopefully their father and the his story will be a separate book to conclude the series. I am really excited about the prospect of Bailey and Bane’s story. I can’t wait to see the man that finally captures her heart. But the Westmoreland I am most excited about is Brisbane. I can truthfully say I am not excited about the Crystal storyline. I know that was his teenage love, but with him going to the Naval Academy and becoming a Navy Seal, it would be nice to see a military woman capture his heart. The storyline of him finding Crystal and realizing that he has now grown up and become a man and moving on with his new love would make his story come full circle. Maybe I am just biased because I am female veteran.

    • Hannah says

      Did Bailey and Bane’s story come out? I’m hoping he finds his true love Crystal. However, it would be nice to have one of his navy seal brothers find love with another military female officer in this book.

      • says

        My first B J novel was THE PROPOSAL. Therefore, Jason Westmoreland is my very favorite! Is there an update on him and Bella. I agree with the person who suggested you do an update on your characters. I know this will be a lot of work bu?t you can handle it (lol). Ms. Jackson, thank you, Beverly Jenkins (who always adds some black history in her novels); Rochelle Alers, and Francis Ray. Y’all are the best! Love you for giving me many, many hours of entertainment.

    • Paula says

      I agree with you on the Bane and Crystal issue. Considering the time that has past, the reason for her not to be looking for him after all this time will be sort of unrealistic, it best she moves on and Bane too. I think a new love should be in order. There cannot be any reason, if her love was real, that she hasn’t contacted him or his family by now. She is a grown women and not under her parents thumb any longer. Bane will need a strong women in his story. Once that will love him and never leave him, no matter what the reason. Bailey and Bane stories and the Westmorelands….can barelyw ait

      I also loved a Man’s Promise but I must admit waiting a year for a book drives me mad. Your books are so great I cannot wait to the next one. As soon as I know it is available I reserve it on Amazon because I want it the minute it comes out. Jude and Dalton story and Shepards I know will be great.

    • Lmack says

      I am waiting faithfully for Brisbane and Crystal’s story because I want to see why Crystal never made contact with Brisbane after she was of legal age. I also think it would make a great storyline and more realistic storyline if Brisbane met and fell in love with someone else, but Crystal came back into the picture. I think it would be great to see this storyline play out with either one realizing that time has passed them by and they move on with their lives.

  56. Tina says

    THANK YOU Mrs Jackson, Absolutely LOVE the Madaris Family novels!!! Just finished reading the last book of the series.. You are a very gifted writer and love reading your work. Keep it up!!!

  57. Shamekia Black says

    Hi Mrs. Jackson,

    I just finished reading A Man’s Promise and it was amazing. I read A Brother’s Honor when it first came out and I can barely wait until the next book comes out. I hope it’s soon.

    Happy Writing

  58. Margaret B says

    Dear Mrs Jackson. I start reading you book in February of this year. You gave been the write I have read in a long time. I always had problems with my eye. I can not put your book down. I love all your books. To me the best was the granger book. Love the jade story. But so for Camden and Shiloh story was just a fairly tell. Can not wait to see how Dalton and Jules come out and if their father will be released and will their be a story about him and the lawyer. Can not wait for next books. I have got other friends are read you book. They love your book. I like to know if you going to make a movie about them. Keep the write going. Looking forward more reading and more book.

  59. Traci white says

    Thx u Thx u I am a Hugh fa n of your I have been on two of your cruises but due to mothers failing health can’t get away I have every last one of your books n your novellas can’t wait to get the Bachelor in Demand last two bothers n Dalton’s story. May God continue to Bless U, n Congratulation with every award that comes your way…….

  60. Dawn says

    Okay!!! So I have finished the first 2 Granger books, waiting with bated breath for the last one!!! OMG I am on the egde of my seat!!!!. Mrs. Jackson You Rock!!!

  61. Rose says

    I just read your latest book, a man`s promise, so many suprises, thank you so much for not giving up on writing, the world would be an infinately darker place. I am so sad and sorry to read about the passing of your partner in crime. May you always remember and never forget those precious times you had together.

  62. Jill Turnquest says

    As an avid reader I only liked a certain kind of author until the day I mistakenly went home from the book store with a copy of Quaid’s Babies and I have been hooked ever since .I have the ladies at the book store call any time they have one of books come in . Mrs. Jackson I would like to say you have reformed me keep up the good work you have me addicted to your work.

  63. Adeola says

    Hello! I must say I am a fresh member of the Brenda Jackson fan club! So far, I have completed the Steele Series, Bachelors in the demand series and the Westmoreland Series (Atlanta and Montana based Westmorelands that is! Just about to meet the Denver Westmorelands). I feel there are still more books to come under all these series and I cannot wait to read Z’s story.

    I am presently getting acquainted with the Madaris clan and their friends and it is such a pleasure. I believe my best story so far is Everlasting Love (Clayton & Syneda are so real, I can actually relate!). I can’t wait to complete the series.

    As a great lover of series books, I commend your art of storytelling.

  64. Vernell Hill says

    I love the Madaris series!! I’m getting ready to start on the Westmoreland series as soon I finish a Madaris for Christmas.

  65. Helen Ross says

    Thank you for sharing your blessings and talent with your fans. Your novels are OUTSTANDING! You are the best!!!!!

  66. bernadette bruemmer says

    just wanted to say this is my frist book i read of yours the granger brothers and oh my cannot wait till the second one comes out started it wendsday morning may 14 2014 finished it tonight thursday may 15 2014 keep up the good work

  67. Gale Haywood says

    I was not a book reader until I read one Brenda Jackson book. I have read every book she has written. Brenda, you made me a reader. I read your book on a dare and have been a reader of at least 30 or more boos a month. If I have a day off I can read up to three books. Thank you!!!!



  69. Jennifer Moss says

    Dear Ms. Jackson:

    How are you? Just wanted to say that I sure missed your newsletters, hopefully you will be writing them again soon.

  70. Deet24 says

    Dear Mrs. Jackson, the first book I read of your was Spontaneous. After that I was hooked, then read the Steel series. I finished reading the Westmoreland series 1-15, now I am looking for the Jeffries which brings me back to Duan. I like how you intertwine the lives in your books. So sorry for the loss of the love of your live. Continue your writing from the heart. He will always be with you. A new and forever fan.

  71. Lorna Joseph says

    Just visited your website after a long time (work commitments). So sorry to hear about the loss of your one true love, your heart and your soul. He will forever guide you in your journey of creating love in a magical way on the pages of your books for us readers. I live in England and it is very difficult to get some of your books. I keep my local library on their toes. Please continue to write in the beautiful captivating way you do,so that when I want to escape and free my mind of the pains of this world, I GRAB TRUE LOVE IN THE WORDS OF BJ!!! Blessings always my sisterfriend.

  72. Kathy Samano says

    Love all of your books, you are such an awesome author.
    Thank you for sharing your talent.

  73. KristenP. says

    Hello Soror Jackson! Congratulations on your initiation into Delta Sigma Theta!!! Welcome to a wonderful sisterhood!!! I love your books!!! I have lots of stories I am waiting on… I can’t wait to read about Cayden, Aiden, Bane and for some reason I want to read about Joshua Avery lol. I know it’s somebody that will set him straight lol. Congratulations again!

    God Bless,
    Kristen P.

  74. Regina R. Taylor says

    Mrs. Brenda,
    Thank you so much for being a great writer but also a greater inspiration. I love your books and I’m praying that my marriage will last as long as yours and Mr. Gerald. I pray that GOD will continue to BLESS you and your sons. As I read your books, I still read the forward passages. Love you much!

  75. Sloansv says

    Now these are the books every man should read to keep us happy. The Westmorelands are the epitome of a knight in shining army. And so are the other families you write about. I am new to your series but have quickly covered at least 40 of them. Almost, like I can’t put them down. You are a gifted writer and it would be so beautiful to see some of these on the big screen. I know about the one DVD and loved it. Keep on writin’ Brenda!!!

  76. Patricia says

    Mrs. Jackson,
    Thank you. I started reading your books in 2010. Your books were my saving grace while going through a very difficult divorce. After being married for over 20-years then divorced I thought I was gonna lose my mind. But I started reading just to escape from all the caos that was going on around me.
    During that time the first book I read was “Tall, Dark……Westmoreland!” and I have been hooked every since. I’m proud to say I have all the Westmoreland Series in my personal collection and working on the Steele Series.
    Again Thank You

  77. Amanda Moffitt says

    Mrs Jackson,

    I discovered your Westmoreland series about a year ago and since then have read them all to date. I love how you found the Denver Westmorelands through a genealogy search by one of the Atlanta Westmorelands and am thoroughly excited at the possibility of more Westmorelands although they may not have the Westmoreland name.

    I am also looking forward to Bailey’s story as I can see myself in her, the child who acted out for attention to the nosy sister getting involved in her siblings business and her outspokenness and stubbornness.

    I hope that you will continued to be blessed in your writing ability and am excitedly anticipating your next book.

    • Toni says

      I love your books especially the family based ones – the Westmorelands, Madaris’, Steeles and now the Granger brothers. You really know how to write a story and make it seem so real. God Bless and keep up the good work.

  78. Alice Smith says

    Hi Brenda: Read my first book by you in 2011 after graduating from college. I have always loved romance books, but did not have time to read any while I going to school and holding down a full-time job. As a gift for myself upon graduation I bought a Nook and immediately discovered your Westmoreland and Madaris series.

    I was so into these two series that I could not get enough of reading you work so in between waiting for the next book in these series I started reading your other bodies of work. To date I have read all of the Westmoreland and Madaris books and can’t wait for the next book in the Bachelor series.

    I see where Aidan Westmoreland will be one of your books for this year, but when will you write Brisbane and Crystal’s story? Waiting patiently and will continue to read your other series because I love the way you capture the readers attention and I hate to put your books down.

    Keep them coming!!!!!!

  79. Mz Foster says

    Love all of your books and series. I hope there will be a Bane and Crystal book coming in the future. I’m interested in knowing their love story and why her parents moved her away. It seems as If Bane was the rebellious-bad boy type, I can’t wait for his love story!!! You are a Excellent writer Mrs. Jackson, can’t wait for you future books. Be Blessed!!!

  80. Helen Berkeley says

    Hi Brenda

    You are the boss. So far I have read over seventy five of your books and I am searching for the rest. May God continue to bless and keep you. I just read A brother’s honour and the Real Thing. Great works!


      • Dannielle "Danni " Lucas says

        I have the Kindle app on my tablet. Is it possible to borrow books like you can with the Nook. I know several people who would like to borrow, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

  81. Shonterria Spivey says

    I LOVE your work!!!! I am up to date on the Steele, Westmoreland, Jeffries, and Bachelors in Demand series… I am currently trying to catch up on the Madaris family… Keep them coming because i will be waiting!!!!!!!

  82. Andrea says

    Hi Brenda,

    I just want to say how much I love your books!!! I just finish reading Adrian’s story “The Real Thing” a couple hours ago and I could not get enough (LOVED IT). I can’t wait until for the summer to read your new books . In to mean time.

    You truly are an amazing talent may God bless and keep you.

  83. MARY JONES says

    Other than my Bible, I have never read anything so captivating and powerful. You are a gifted writer. I completed 1-12 of the 15 books on the Westmorelands. I love these characters. Your books have become a small obsession. I can’t stop reading them and do so at every break. I even wake up early to get in an hour before going to work.

    Please accept my codolences on the loss of you lover and friend. May God grant you serenity and comfort as you make the adjustment to dancing alone.

  84. Ramonia Davis says


    I actually logged on to your side to tell you how much I loved “Stern” and “A Madaris Bride for Christmas” and saw all the comments about your husband. It broke my heart to see that you had lost the love of your life. I have been married to my high school love for 36 years this year. God will give you the strength to go on, and to help you make it through. I already believe that you have strong faith, so lean on Him.

    Your 100th book is just that 100 times better than any other. You never cease to amaze me in this continuing saga of the Madaris family.

    Please, please, continue to trust in God and you will be back at your other passion of writing, and cherish the passion you had with your husband of so many years. God be with you!!


  85. Tamiko Nixon says

    Hey Brenda,
    First of all I wanted to let you know I was sorry about the death of your husband. You always spoke so passionately about him it made me dream of the day the love of my life will walk in. I pray you are well and that you are taking things one day at a time. I have been a fan of yours for a long time and have read all of your books, some two or three times. I am working on my digital collection now. I have been in a book club for about two years called D2D or Desire to Dream and I will probably choose one of your books when the time comes for me to host. Anyway, down to what I was writing you about; When are you going to do Brisbane Westmoreland’s story! I have been waiting for it to come out ever since he was introduced, now that is a character that I can sink my teeth into! Thank you for the love and joy you have brought me over the years. I have had some very bad ones but haven’t we all. Your books take me away to the simple theme of family and love and I can forget about the struggles I have and be happy. Thanks again for all you do and may God continue to Bless and Keep you.
    Much love,
    Tamiko Nixon

  86. Nadine says

    Hi Brenda,

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I am praying for you and your family. I am so hooked on your books. I just asked my library in Canada to purchase 7 of your ebooks that they didn’t have and they told me to check back in 12-24 hours and the books should be there. I just cannot put your books down.



  88. Rose Richardson says

    I am so sorry for your loss. May you and your family find comfort with gods help. Thank you for all the wonderful books that you write. I absolutely love the Madaris family and their friends. I think I have read and reread all the books I have of yours. They are just that great and inspiring. Keep up the wonderful work and can’t wait for the next book to hit the shelf. Matter of fact I need to log on to Amazon and order this new book. Once again, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  89. Wendy says

    First, I offer you my condolences on the lost of your husband. May God be withyou ,as least you had a good time together and many memories to look back on
    I have just read your book Irristible force and I am now hooked and can’t wait to read another. It is refreshing to find a good romantic book by An african American woman. I am from the Caribbean where we are more of an African decendant. Thank you for giving me a new author.

  90. Nik says

    I just discovered your books and am hooked on the Westmoreland series…I am counting down the days until 3/1/14 so I can read about Adrian. I cant wait until you get to Bailey and BAIN! I can only assume that BAIN will be the last book…it would just end the series so well.

    Thanks for all you do and I am sorry for your recently loss.

  91. carrie ware says

    Hello Brenda, I will continue to lift your family in prayer, I know this is difficult time for you right now, God walks with you each and ev.
    Every step you take just trust him

  92. Helen Berkeley says

    Just found about last year October after taking a break from exams. You are amazing, truly blessed by God. I have already purchased 15 of your books

  93. Williams Peters says

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    Mr. Peters.

  94. CECE says

    I continue to lift you and your family up in my prayers to the Almighty for HIS blessings and grace. My sincere condolences to you and the rest of the Jackson family. God is able, continue to lean on, trust in, and depend on HIM….. now and always.
    In Christian Love and Faith,
    A “BJ” fan from NC :)

  95. Theresa says

    Ms. Jackson I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband, may God Bless and be with you. I will keep youmin my Prayers!

  96. Deborah D. says

    Brenda, congratulations on your 100th book and the movie Truly Everlasting. I am in awe of your amazing talent, the richness of your characters and the passion with which you convey their stories. My favorite is the Madaris Saga. I hope you will one day write the story of the matriarch Milton Madaris and Mama Laverne. It would also be wonderful to begin again with their legacy and the stories of the other six sons. I enjoyed reading Jake and Diamond’s story in Secret Love. Two novels as a trilogy covering the six brother’s would be fantastic. I’m excited just thinking about the possibility.
    I am now enjoying getting to know the Steele brothers as well.
    Through your writing you allow the reader to go on an amazing journey full of intrigue and passion. To say your books are a page turner is an understatement. I look forward to many more hours of happy reading. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

  97. Asma B says

    Mrs Jackson
    Sorry fo your loss.
    You are a very wonderful and talented auhor and my favorite. I love the Westmoreland series and can’t wait for the rest of them.

  98. Jennifer Moss says

    Hi Ms. Jackson
    God Bless and keep you and your family in the time of your loss. Just wanted to encourage you, stay strond and remember that your Heavenly Father Blessed you with a wonderful man from Him, who was created just for you!
    Please stay strond and always God Bless you!

  99. Deborah Herbin says

    I am sorry about your loss. My all the loving memories ease your pain. I pray your continued strength.
    Thank you for all the books you have written. My eyes light up whenever I see anything by Brenda Jackson in the stores. I can’t part with any of them because I can read them over and over and still enjoy every time. More of your books should be made into movies.
    Take care

  100. Rachel Turner says

    Thanks you Mrs Brenda Jackson, for your wonderful books, Ties that bind, I have read at least 7 times.. Perfect Fit and Perfect Timing… and The Madris family and friends I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Simply Amazing writer, and may the next book you write still have the beautiful acknowledgement to your hubsand/soulmate. May god continue to bless you and your son…. ONE LOYAL AND HAPPY FAN…

    • Edna says

      I am so sorry for your loss. I pray God’s blessings and strength for you and your family. God is the source…in all things give him honor and glory. May God continue to richly Bless you.

  101. Lela Yancy says

    So sorry for your loss. I have read so many of your books, I feel as if I know you personally. My God lighten you and your son’s burden during this time. God Bless.

  102. Wanda Boyns says

    Brenda: My prayers are with you and your family as you go through this trying time.
    See you on our next cruise.

  103. Michele Gibbs-Green says

    Brenda, Praying for you and the family for peace that passes all understanding. God is the potter and he can fix, heal and deliver. You will have some good and bad days but lean on Jesus and he will make everything all right. R.I.P Mr. Gerald Jackson Sr., for your labor was not in vain.

  104. Carolyn Newsome says

    Brenda, Please accept my prayers for you and your family during this difficult time. I know the pain and despair associated with the death of a spouse. I lost my husband and soul mate in April of 2009. Please know that God will not leave you or forsake you. The days will be long and the nights even longer but keep praying and He will see you through. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. With Love and Prayers….Carolyn Clark-Newsome.

  105. Loretta J. Murray says

    What does one say at a time like this? My prayers are with the Jackson Family. My condolences are sent straight from my heart. May the Lord’s comfort be with you and your sons.


    Hi Brenda, First and foremost ” All The Glory Belongs To God”. You are such a dynamic writer and story teller. I love your books on the Madaris & Westmoreland families. I think I have the entire Westmoreland series up to now, and waitng on the next one.I truly love reading about Clayton. I have the majority of the Madaris series also. The Steeles. I love everything that I read of yours. Please continue the good work. Happy Holidays to you and you family.


      Brenda & Family, I am sorry for the link that was broken in your immediate family.
      I pray God will give you all the strength to get through your time of sorrow. Always in my prayers…

  107. Brenda says

    Hi Brenda,
    I look forward to reading your books! They are wonderful books and I thoroughly enjoy the Steele and Westmoreland series as well as the Bachelor in Demand series. Last night I completed A Madaris Bride for Christmas. It was great, start to finish. I read A Brother’s Honor from the Granger series earlier this year. Will the second one in the series be available next year and the next book in the Bachelor in Demand series? I know that you are busy at work.

    I hope that you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  108. Karen Ash says

    O yes what happen to the youngest brother when will we find out. Are have you already written the story. Thank you for the Westmoreland family keep up the good work.

  109. Karen Ash says

    I love reading your books,I love the Westmoreland,I have not been reading long but I thank I have most of your books about this family. What I would like to know is I can’t find the book on the last Adrian,Aidan and Brisbane .These are the only one’s I don’t have could you give the names of the story go I can get them. Thanks for the update from some of the family. Happy Holidays

  110. cynthia patterson says

    Hi Brenda,
    I have enjoyed reading your books. The Westmorelands, Madaris and Steeles series have me spellbound. I have missed some books in each series, but I am trying to catch up. I am looking forward to Bain’s story.
    You are an incredible writer and I wish you continued success in your writing.

  111. Chantelle Bess says

    Hello Brenda,

    I am an avid reader of yours and I love all your books especially the series of the Westmorelands, the Steeles, and the Bachelor’s in Demand. Can you please tell me when you will be putting out 1 or both of the books about Zion and Virgil. I have been patiently waiting but now my anxiety has gotten the better of me. You are an excellent writer, please keep the books coming. I introduced you to my mother and she loves you also.

  112. Barbara says

    Good Day Mrs. Jackson,

    I love everything you write. Thanks for keeping us entertained.
    Can you tell me when the next Phoenix Steele book will be published.

    Thanks and I hope you and your family will have a blessed holiday.

  113. Valerie says

    Just stopping by to let you know that I love your books. You are one of my favorite authors. I have a few of your books but I want to purchase them by the series and groupings they go with. Hopefully I will be able to collect them all soon. Continue to be who you are and keep pumping out books about love…..

  114. Rene Williams says

    I just read my first Brenda Jackson book and I wish I had started reading your books sooner. It was one of my old books I had bought a while back and never had gotten a chance to read. I absolutely loved it; I couldn’t put it down and finished it in less than 2 days! I look forward to reading more of your books. I plan to start by reading the westmoreland series. Oh, the book I enjoyed so much was A Steele for Christmas.

  115. kerry-anne says

    I love all your books, but the westmorelands are my favourite. could you tell me if you have wrote about bain Westmoreland as I would like to know what happens with him

  116. Lutezenia Turner says

    Dear Mrs. Jackson,
    I am a big fan. I started reading your novels about 4 years ago . I think I have read everything. If I have not trust me I will be. Some I have read twice. I have started my best freind reading your books also. I just finished reading “A Madaris Bride For Christmas”. Great book. I am looking forward to reading many more of your books. I am grateful for the gift God has given you in writing such great books. Have a blessed and wonderful holiday.

    • Dr. Melissa Chester says

      I just had the pleasure of finishing my first Brenda Jackson book, Irresistible Forces, and it was a great read. I look forward to reading others! I am also in the Jacksonville area and look forward to attending future events.

  117. Lisa E. says

    Greetings Ms. Jackson- I write today because I just saw your interview with Sybil Wilkes and found out about Francis Ray. My own father died in July during that same time, so it is any wonder I didn’t hear about her. I will go home and grieve as I would if anything happened to you. I cherish your stories and hers. Your books are like a ‘ghost-story’ – no one believes in the African-American romance!! But you and Ms. Ray and others do. I don’t look forward to any book more than the romance from either you, Ms. Ray, Beverly Jenkins (love the historical romance) and Rochelle Alers. Your stories are needed in our community!!

  118. Pamela T-Spurlock says

    Hey Mrs. Jackson! You have done it again. “A Madaris Bride for Chrismas” was awesome. Your 100th book a was totally well worth celebrating. Congratulations , again.

  119. Linda C. says

    Just finished reading…A Madaris Bride. Absolutely loved it and your wonderful characters. I find it so warm that you weave previous characters into your settings. Your plots are so real, I’m sometimes moved to tears. Keep them coming!!!

  120. Val Cummings says

    Ms. Jackson, I was one of the attendees at your 100th book celebration and it was magnificent. I had the chance to finallly meet you and make new friends also. I was truly honored. I began reading your novels in May 2013. I read The Westmorelands, The Steeles, The Batchelor Series and The Grangers. I am a true fan. I am looking forward to the NEXT 100. God Bless to you and your family.

  121. Elaine says

    I truly enjoy your books. I started reading them last summer and haven’t stopped. My favorite is Bachelors in Demand and the Steele series. Now I am reading about the Westmorelands. When will more Steele family and Bachelors in Demand books come out?

  122. sharon orr (sneed) says

    I love your books, Not able to attend the event, 9 November wishing you the best, looking forward in reading the 100 book.

  123. Edwiena B says

    It is 10pm on 10/30/13 and I have just finished A Madaris Bride for XMAS, loved it. I have been a for so many years. Couldn’t wait until Nov. 1

    I have read every book in the Madaris Family Series and the Westmorland family as well. Never read a story I didn’t love.

    100th Book, CONGRATULAION ON YOUR MILESTONE. I am so glad you let me come along for ride. Look forward to many more years, more wonderful rides and beautiful love.

  124. Michelle Golden says

    Mrs. Jackson, I simply love all your novels. I am currently waiting for
    Brisbane Westmoreland’s story one day soon I hope you bring it to light.

  125. M.Sheron says

    Greetings Ms Jackson
    First let me say your books are never a disappointment. You are among my favorite authors (Julia Quinn, Anita Bunkley, Beverly Jenkins and You!) Sometimes a bit steamy but always a great love story. I just ran across your movie on Netflix. Hooray for you! I am sure you put a lot of hard work into your project. Please take this comment in the kindest way – I was somewhat disappointed with the acting. Their lines were a bit stiff. The actors just needed something (?) to help them deliver the lines more naturally. Do whatever you can to help them improve. That being said, the casting was flawless, the scenes were perfect, everything was “On Hit”. You have a winning formula. You are on your way to becoming our next Tyler Perry! Keep up the excellent work!!!!

  126. says

    Lady I just won’t u to know you a queen an I love u an your books an waiting for the Christmas book to come out that’s a blessing for me to enjoy a great book like yours in time for the holidays cause I’m alone again! Mrs Jackson listen to Phyllis Hyman song called meet me on the moon! She was my favorite jazz singer an she commit suicide in 1995. Sad. I dedicate that song to u your books take me to the moon an I just leave this cruel world! Take care happy holidays kiss kiss!!

  127. KAREN POWELL says

    Mrs. Jackson, I love your books. Since reviewing the book list I’ve found a few and when I say few about 10 that I didn’t see on the shelf when I purchased my monthly stash. But I must let you know, you are my favorite of all the African American Romance writers. As you can probably guess the other’s are Rochelle Alers, Francis Ray (too wordie though) and Maureen Smith. Girl keep doing what you do. Madaris family is my family and then the Westmoreland and the Steeles. Loved the way you worked Quade’s story in with the Steeles. Please locate some more Steeles, Bas was just too sexy. One of the bloggers stated she didn’t agree with the couples getting together so quickly, I disagree, the sooner the better. Keep on writing I can’t wait for each book. I bought the CD of Trask and Felicia and can’t wait for the movie version of Silken Threads. What happen with the BET movies that began and ended so quickly. I remember One Special Moments was a BET movie. Anyway can’t wait for the new Madaris release 10-29-13.

  128. Tiffany Taylor says

    OMG I love the Westmorelands. I feel just like some of these other people, like when I’m reading these books I’m apart of the clan. I would love to have a huge family like that. Sometimes I have to remind myself that they are just characters. They don’t really exist but in my mind they do. I guess they also do in yours they have to if your writing about them. Please find more Westmorelands. I’m not ready for this series to end.

  129. Robin Thomas Broadnax says

    Hi Brenda. I am a huge fan. I believe I have almost all your books and anthology stories. I love them! The Madaris Men are my favorites! Thanks for all my “take me away for here” moments. Be blessed.

    • LaQuitta Maxie says

      Good Afternoon Mrs. Brenda:
      I just wanted to take this time out to say I really enjoy reading your books. I just finish reading The Playas Handbook and it was awesome, I am getting ready to puchase the sequel. GOD has blessed you with a talent and I am glad that you are sharing it with us…..

  130. LUCIA says

    I love your books! I have enjoyed every single one I have read so far. The series are the best and I cannot decide between the Westmorelands and Madaris, which series I like more. I plan on collecting all one hundred of your books, God Willing. I pray I find and love a man that has the characters you portray in your books. Thanks for the wonderful job you do.

  131. MaryMoments says

    Mrs. Jackson…….Wow, I’ve been on a 2 month marathon reading your wonderful books, and I just want to thank you for your awesome stories!!! I swear I’m part of the Westmoreland clan. While reading your book some like it hot, I’ve fallen in love with the Corbain and Hardcastles, just need to beg you to please give us a series with them, also waiting with baited breath to meet the new Westmorelands that Ricco is searching for………..

  132. Teri says

    Hi Brenda,

    I went to Wal mart on 9/29/13 just before leaving for Cancun. I can’t swim so I knew that a book would be great while on the beach and hubby is in the ocean. I purchased “Perfect Fit”. I truly enjoyed the read and hubby was happy too. Wow!!!
    I want more of Sage and Gabe. Enjoyed!!!

  133. Wanda Tripp says

    I am so very happy you Brenda have received your first shipment of your 100th novel I will be buying several copies and spreading the word as usual on how fantastic your books are, you truly have a gift from God that you choose to share with us your fans, thank you and continued blessings.

        • Angela Washington says

          Hi Brenda I finished A Madaris
          Bride for Christmas in 2 1/2 days
          it was a great book. You are
          an excellent writer and an even
          better person. I am reading Stern

  134. says

    Brenda I know you have heard this several times but I am an avid reader of your books. I love the Madaris and the Westmoreland series. I was wondering if you were going to write Bane’s story. He really needs to find Crystal so he can have his happily ever after.

  135. says

    Will U be writing novels about Pamela’s sisters and Bailey?
    I am enthralled w/the Westmorelands. You are a fantastic, creative storyteller. Keep sharing your awesome talent with us. My favorite Westmoreland man was Dilion. Pamela is a lucky lady.

  136. TDoneice says

    Mrs. Brenda: I am thoroughly enjoying your books. About 4 yrs ago, a lady gave me several of your books and I looked thru them and put them in order. Maybe a yr later, I was done and wanted to find more. I found more but to my great astonishment these books are apart of a great collection. So I picked back up reading your books this yr, 2013, and have not put them down. I will soon begin Eternally Yours.

  137. Shawntay Rivers says

    It was such a pleasure to meet you and listen to you speak in Kingsland on yesterday. I’m eager to read my first Brenda Johnson novel “A Brother’s Honor” I’m almost afraid to open the book because I’m a full-time student with way too much homework and everybody at your signing has told me once I open your book I won’t be able to put it down. I pray God continues to bless you every time you pick up a pen or sit at your computer to write about a love/romance that so many of us long for.

  138. Joyce says

    I just finished Stern and JoJo’s story. I had to take a break so I wouldn’t finish it so quickly! I’m always waiting for the next installment of the Westmorelands. What a sexy group of men.

  139. Janet says


    Last night I finished “A Brother’s Honor” within 24 hours. IT WAS G-O-O-D!!!!

    Sad thing … I have to wait until July 2013 to get the second book. Please … Pretty Please … Pretty Pretty Please … Don’t do this to your fans !!!! Please do not let a year go between your series book. You can’t do that to your fans!!!  What about a 1.5 book (pdf/electronic/etc.) … something that gives us highlights of what the family is into during this very very very long year wait ????

    I’m a fan of ALL of your books! I have been reading your books for years and now have some of my friends reading them too. I can’t pin-point which series is my favorite because each has it’s own great story … I love them all! Keep them coming!!!!

    !!! Congratulations on your 100th Book this year !!!

    Think about that “highlight” book … story … catch-up … for the Grangers Men!!!

    Many Blessings!!

  140. J says

    Not since Jonas Steele have I loved a male character more. He was funny and lovable and JoJo was wonderful. She was strong and stayed that way and he loved her because of it. Loved it. I love your books and I am partial to the Westmorelands and Steeles but I also love the Bachelors in demand. But I really loved Stern!

  141. Karen Woods says

    I have read and enjoyed The Westmoreland Series. I have just finished The Madaris Family and Friends series. I also managed to fit in most of your longer novels. My favorites were Her Little Black Book and Some Like It Hot. I even had my local library get your earlier books. I am fan for life! Your characters are so relatable and engaging. Thank you.

  142. octavia tharpe says

    Love your books. Just finished a Brother Honor, can’t wait for Jace to come out.
    Hope I can find it. Keep up the good work.

  143. A Montford says

    Mrs Jackson,

    It has been a pleasure reading your books and getting to know the characters. I first got to know your work through Spontaneous which lead me to the Westmorelands and Steeles. I am know on a quest to read every book in theses series along with the Jeffries.

    Thank You for the great reads.

  144. Tish SL says

    I am so sad to have finished Brother’s Honor so quickly….I really enjoyed the story and cant wait for the continuing of the series. I have read so many of your books and I am never disappointed. Thank you for reminding us that real love does happen

  145. Debi says

    Ms. Jackson,

    I feel like I’ve under a rock somewhere! LOL Due to returning to school, I stopped reading for pleasure years ago. A friend gave the Fifty Shades Trilogy a year ago and I’ve been on a reading frenzy ever since! I came across your ‘Bachelors’ series a couple of weeks ago and have been reading at least one of your books a day – I read 2 of them today! I cant put them down! I love your writing and cant wait for the 5th Bachelor book…in the meantime I’m reading everything else you’ve written!

  146. Irene says

    Mrs Jackson I love and have all of your books I can’t pick a favorite because there all great but if I did well I can’t .Thank you for the updates of the Westmoreland that family is my favorite especially Queen Delaney .

  147. Debbie says

    Wow! You did it again. Canyon story I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one, Stern and I hope that you are planning to write about Adain’s story. I love your books. I have read them all. God bless your talent.

  148. Donna M. Haynes says

    Ms. Brenda, I’ve been collecting your books from the beginning.. the westmoreland series is my favorite, but i collect and read all of your books, even bought the reissued ones, you are a incredible writing… the Steele series is my second favorite and i hope you continue that series with some more exciting people as well and can’t wait for even more series to come…..Thank you sooo much for the joy of reading….. :)

  149. Deborah says

    I love all of your books, I’ve been reading them for years you are by far my favorite author. I can’t wait until the next book comes out for the Granger series. Keep doing what you doing.

  150. Cathey Thomas says

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    I will be starting with Westmoreland and moving on to the Madaris and so on. I appreciate these books at a time when I need some encouragement, hope or romance during a low period of my marriage and it has given me inspiration and drive to confront some issue or inhabitations that I may have. Bless you on your continue success and wish I was going on that cruise. I saw in a early post that a movie was made from one of your books and I understand what you stated about investors for a project such as that, well I am going to get the movie and watch it and I’m sure in the future you be able to make another one even on a “low budget” – :).

    Again thank you for your brilliance in illustrating strong, confident, sexy, protective (in a good way) caring, sensitive, responsible and mostly loving black men to the pages.

    • Tammy T says

      Hi Maureen! As a new reader I would suggest following Mrs. Jackson on FB if you are on there. She always post new information and different book contest she is having. Welcome to the BJ Club and I hope you enjoy.

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      Hi Ms. Jackson
      You are an excellent writer, I love everything you wrote thus far! My questions is are you every going to write about Jonathan and Marlily Madaris? I think they need their own book because of all their children and family friends books came alive becuase of them!
      Please let me know if you have their book in the works!

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    Question—-Are you going to finish your series with with the last 4 children–BAILEY,ADRIAN,AIDAN AND BRISBANE and if so when?
    I have the entire series of the Atlanta Westmorelands and I am starting from the beginning to understand the entire family. From what I have read, ALL of your male characters are HOT. Not a dud in the bunch. You are a fantastic writer and thank you!!

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    ONE of your biggest fans

    • Gwendolyn says

      Ms. Brenda,

      All of your books have been a joy to read, the non-family series books, to the Westmorelands, the Madaris’ and now The Grangers which was also a slam dunk.

      This 1st book of the Granger series had it all, suspense, mystery, and of course love. Even the secondary characters were [prtraued with class. You are the true romantic. The book was an enjoyable read and I couldn’t put it down, until I completed the book. I was totally shocked & surprised at the end, to know who the mastermind was behind the mess going on at the company. You did your thing.

      I know that the next book won’t be out for another year, and I don’t know if I can wait that long. You left me hanging. However, I realize I will have no other choice.

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      Where can I get back issues of your books? There seem to be quite a few that got by me even though I check with my local bookstore every month.

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    Just viewed your website to see what’s going, and I came across your 2013 Cruise information. I spoke with Regina, your contact person at Carnival Cruise, about your 2013 cruise. It sounds as if you and everyone that’s going to attend will have a wonderful time. I won’t be able to attend because it’s short notice for me. However, Regina let me know that 2015 you will be giving another cruise. I plan to attend. I have my calendar mark for August to check your website to look for location and price for upcoming cruise in 2015.

    Regina was very professional and fun to talk with regarding the layout of events you will have going on with your 2013 cruise.

    Love your books.

    Best Wishes,

    Robin Yvette Riddick

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    Love your books. Just wish the Westmoreland men were real lol. Just missing one book unless you haven’t written it yet its the one on Brisbane Westmoreland the youngest of the Denver Westmoreland.

    • Brenda Woodbury says

      There isn’t a second book for Irresistible Forces. However, this book is part of the Steele Series that has 9 other published books. The Steele Series began in 2006. You can obtain a list of the Series and Connecting Books by looking under BOOKS on Brenda’s website. But since I maintain the list for Brenda, please feel free to email me for the list at

      Brenda Woodbury

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    1. I enjoy how you can keep the stories fresh and entertaining despite romance novels being so “formula driven”. Not may series writers have your talent in that area.
    2. Bane and Crystal need to get back together already! I am impatiently waiting to find out how Bane finds his woman.

    Thanks for reading.
    Mrs. Jones

    p.s. happy birthday

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    I just want to say that I just finished reading the latest Bachelor in demand book. Loved this ending… it was different… seeing Zion, Virgil and the Phoenix Steele brothers making a play for Winston’s girl and lost… priceless. I look forward to Zion and Virgil’s stories plus the continuation of the Phoenix Steele brothers stories. I have every single book you have written. Loved how you have some of the romance settings in my country… Jamaica. Keep writing… you are amazing.

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    g two of your books I was hooked. After reading a few more I was writing my own. I currently read between one and two books a day. I’m was surprised by all these little events. Or so I thought. I found out what surprised was when I discovered that the copy of All He Desires is autographed. My neighbors came to make sure that I alright and the book was never read. It hangs on my wall in a shadowbox. I’ve read everyone of your books that I could find over the last year. I read Romance for the happy ending. Thanks for providing, in my opinion, the very best

  203. Thea Cunningham says

    Brenda, just finished reading one of your books that came as part of my Harlequin subscription…it was great. Well written but suspense building…you couldn’t figure out what was going to happen next…the Westmorelands are a challenging family…don’t quite know how you keep up with them all. I really love your approach to “I will never love again” and then changing to ‘I am in love!’ It is great…you never make the changed person seem like a wimp.
    Thanks again for a great read and, believe me, I will be reading more…

  204. Tanya Mayes says

    Loving your books. Just started reading them had to go back and purchase all the double books. 2 and 1 great idea. Keep writing can’t wait to read about the new family and of course the Westmoreland Family.

  205. says

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  206. Barbara Pankey says

    Good Morning Mrs Jackson:

    Love everything you write. Just wanted to know when the next book for the Steele’s of Phoenix would be coming our way.
    Keep up the good work and God’s Blessings

  207. Latoya says

    I have been a loyal fan and I feel great knowing at I’ve read ALL of your books. While reading your latest books, I am learning more and more about Bane’s story and it pains me. So this is like a plea… Please put me out of my misery and give me Bane’s story.

    You are a phenomenal author, who inspires all to believe in true everlasting love. Don’t put the pen down!!!

  208. Pamela Gaines says

    Hello Mrs. Jackson, First let me start off by saying your new website is AWESOME! I just returned from a one year tour in Afghanistan and all I could talk about were the books I had to catch up on once I returned. I just received my DVD Truly Everlasting and I watched it the same day; I loved it and I was wondering would you be doing any movies? I would love to see the Westmorelands or the Steele Family. Now I have to go to catch up on my reading but I’ll be stopping by your page later. Take care and as always thank you for writing these wonderful books.

  209. Pamela T-Spurlock says

    Hey Mrs B! I truly enjoyed Riley Westmoreland’s story, “One Winter Night”. What more can a person ask for,…. to be snowed in with a Westmoreland. Owwwww!!!!!!

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    Hey, Ms Brenda,
    My name is Esperanza from Kampala, Uganda. I am might be one of your biggest fans in East Africa.
    The first book i read was “Bachelor Unleashed” and I was blown away.Then I read “Perfect Fit” and I got hooked on you for life (my new addiction). I told my Mum about you ( she lives in Boston, MA) and she looked for your books in the Waltham Library and they only had 2 books. She just finished reading “Silken Thread” and boy was she blown. now she is searching high and low for your books.

    I want to open a library in Kampala so that I can share my passion with everyone. Your books make reading beautiful. I am a single gal and they give me hope for finding that one special person. Keep doing what your doing coz I believe your books make your fans happier and dreamy. Love you so and hope to make the Brenda Jackson Cruise one day so I can meet you in person and say a heartfelt “THANK YOU”

    Your biggest fan from Uganda

  211. Gail R. says

    I have just been introduced to the Madaris family & I have to say that I am completely enthralled with the series. It has captured my attention & taken me to the throes of passion without any vulgarity, but with suggestive sensuality that leaves me breathless & yearning for more. Thank you Ms Jackson for illustrating that sexuality can be done with grace, style & class. Congratulations for a job well done!!!

  212. LaKeisha Billups says

    I truly LOVE reading your books. They are always full of LOVE. I can always count on you to give me a good read. am waiting patiently for your next book. Keep up the GREAT writing.

  213. Khylla says

    After graduating from college this past spring, I decided to “relax” by reading as many Brenda Jackson’s books as possible. From May 2012 to October 2012, I have read at least 40 of your books, either through purchase or checked out from my local library. I plan to order or buy any that I haven’t read as a birthday present to me (which is probably only about 10-15 books!) You have definitely replaced James Patterson as my all-time favorite author. I look forward to my future readings. Thank you, Mrs. Jackson for being so awesome!!

  214. court says

    Consistancy issues:
    Where are the quads that Quade mentioned as being the reason that his father and uncle decided to track down the Denver Westmoreland’s to see if they are related? When you got to Dillon’s story all of them were single and none were parents. Also 27 is an impossible age to be an anesthesiologist. Between undergrad, med school and a full time residency she could possibly be a resident but not an attending which you paint Megan to be, I ddin’t read anywhere where she was some sort of gifted person who graduated high school and breezed through undergrad. You can’t rush medical school it is what it is 4 years, and I believe an anesthesiology residency is 4 or 5 years. ( I work at a medical school as an education coordinator over a residency program and I also assist in the development of the 1st year med program and the 3rd year clerkship and am a year from finishing nursing school). If she graduated high school at 17, that would have her completing undergrad at 21 (if she finished on time) Med school is 4 years so that would make her 25. She would be in her second year as a resident at 27 and no way she would have an assistant and be able to take a month off to take vacation (1 she wouldn’t have earned the time, and 2 as a second year she would not have the seniority to take off that much time especially with only a few days notice because you cannot reschedule patient without atleast 7 days notice).

    Also multiple births are only genetic on the mother’s side not the fathers. I know it is a small thing but it has annoyed me in all these books. Fraternal Twins, Triplets, and Quads are a result in the woman releasing mutliple eggs. Having sex with a man cannot cause a woman to release more eggs at one time. It has nothing to do with the fathers genetics. Identical twins are a fluke of nature and also have nothing to do with the fathers genetics. I really enjoy your stories, not so much the sex scenes cause all the men make love the exact same way, nothing interesting about that. and all the women are sexual novices or virgins but they have this instant ability to please these men who mostly have shown to be horn dogs, not my experience but I would like for you to show that akwardness in one of your books, in my experience sex is a learned skill.

    I do like the family stories. I wish you would give more updates on the other members. How is Dare’s son doing? etc? Have a book where one chapter is dedicated to the each family so we can catch up so to speak.

  215. linda says

    hi brenda, just finish (one winter nite) beautiful story. loved it, just wanted to know when will you be writing Bane Story

  216. Sassyclassy55 says

    Love Love Love all of your books. I read them 2x, 3x sometimes 4. All of the characters are great. Just wish you would add some more strong females to the group. Love a confident, take no prisoner woman who can go from the boardroom to the bedroom with and without her makeup.

  217. Pamela T-Spurlock says

    Mrs Jackson, I truly enjoyed reading the Westmoreland series. Looking forward to the next books. The Westmoreland Triology.

  218. Annie L says

    Mrs. Jackson I just want you to know I am huge fan and I love all your books. I am still getting use to your new website

  219. deloris a. frazier says

    i just started your books and i would like to know whisch books start the django character. would like to read the book before the moive, dee help somebody, dee

  220. Felicia says

    I just read All He Desires and I loved it!!! You are my favorite romance author and I adore your characters.

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments and keep the good stories coming.

    My favorite story in All He Desires was Tempting Fate: Justice Manning-Blake Savoy and I want to know if you will be writing Tonya and Bryan’s story?

  221. says

    Mrs. Jackson thank you . I have most of the Madaris and the Westmoreland and now i am checking amazon and black expression to find the books that i don’t have it all started with one special moment and i don’t mind telling you that it was a good investment for me. Thanks again for the love and the special moment that you gave us with all those books. Not one of your books have been a let down all the love that you have in these books is wonderful. Thank you

  222. Rose Powers says

    I am Rose Powers. I taught at Northwestern Junior High School from Aug 1971 to June 1982,
    I do remember a Brenda Jackson while I was there. You may not be that one, but I commend you on following your dreams and then giving back to society. I’ll have to read one (or more) of your books.

  223. Valderene Gardiner says

    Over the past 2-3 years, you’ve become one of my favourite Authors & now I read EVERY Brenda Jackson I can get my hands on!

    Thank you for giving us romance from the Black Culture perspective. I truly enjoy ALL of them!

  224. GLORIA J. JACKSON says

    Hello…….I truly enjoyed your book, “Bachelor Untamed.” My students, who are truly into romance novels inspired me to read it, and I am glad I did. Continue to keep up the great work……I was truly happy for Uriel and Ellie.

    THANKS! :-))

  225. Tammy Culpepper says

    Delaney’s Desert Sheikh was on my daughter’s dresser. I picked it up and never put it down, at least not until I went to A Little Dare and so on and so on. I have read 22 books by Mrs. Brenda Jackson in past 4 months. I just want to thank you for sharing with us your talent that you have been so blessed with.

  226. says

    I have read everything you have written that I can find. I just finished Texas Wild. MY MY MY, you create scrumptous men. I fall in love with each one of them. You are an amazing writer and your nack for description is the best. I used your character of Chance Steele to teach characterization and introduce several readers to you book. Keep them coming. I am waiting for some more of the Madaras series.

  227. Jovonne Frazer says

    I really enjoyed Texas Wild really enjoyed the Westmoreland, Steele series. About to start the Madris series…..keep them coming and I will forever keep reading…

  228. Tri says

    Mrs. Jackson,
    Every book I have read has been better and better. I’m almost running out of series. Your an amazing writer and warms my heart with love stories with happy endings. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

    • yolanda says

      Ms. Jackson:

      I started reading the series of the Westmorelands and I have been hooked on all the novels ever since. You are a great writer and I look forward to reading the next Steele brothers romance. I have read most of your previous novels. I am about to start on the Madaris family clan. I am sure I will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed the other family series. I look forward to your updated book list to let me know then the next novel is coming. Keep up the good writing.

  229. Mary Howard says

    Texas Wild is just that Wild. I love it! I love it! I love it! The 2 -n-1 books works for me. I was reading Beyond Temptation and my husband stood in front of the fan with blue jeans on and nothing else. Reared his head back and all I could say was “Mercy.” More importantly I am still waiting on the Madaris Family Reunion novel. I can’t wait to catch up on everybody. Of course I have all your books and along with Rochelle Alers are the only ones in my library collection.. No offense but I can read both books over and over and over again and it nevers gets old. All I can say is let your imagination take you there so I can visit too.

  230. Ann says

    Hi Brenda, I picked up one of your books to read and was really inspired because you truly expressed a love story. I was so elated that I went online to find all your books in order to ready from beginning to end. I really enjoy the Westmorland series. Thank you for positive fun filled inspiring books our book club can read. May God continue to Bless you and your family!

  231. Wanda Tripp says

    Ms.Jackson thank you for giving us your fans the gift to be able to purchase some of your works as 2 in 1 books.This will allow me to put some of my collection of your paper books on my Kindle.Something i will be doing very soon.Now i can lend or pass along your works to others to enjoy and fall in love with.Although i plan to keep and treasure those that i’ve purchased from your online store that you’ve personally autographed .Keep the love flowing and may GOD continue to shine his brilliant light on you and yours.Waiting patiently for the Granger’s Saga 2013.

  232. Dahana says

    I really want to know when Bane’s story is coming out. I here so little about him in the other Westmoreland books I just have to know!

  233. Maxine McWilliams says

    Hi Brenda, I just love reading your books. i”m trying to find a copy of Courting Justice. i tried your store but it wasn’t listed. you do such a good job of writing when I’m reading I feel like I’m a part of the characters, Keep on writing cause I’m always in a hurry for your next book. Thank you so much for keeping us entertained.

  234. Voletta Gaither says

    Mrs. Jackson,
    I have been reading your books for the last month and have completely fallen in love with Westmoreland and Steele. I would love to read more about them, like Bane finally find his one true love. I want know about all of them.

  235. Aretha T. Kendrick says

    I have a lot of catching up to do!!! You are my all time favorite author. No matter what I’m reading I will put it to the side to get to your books.

  236. Renee Harvey says

    Hi Brenda,

    I am new to reading your books. I love all the Westmoreland series. Wish you can make a movie out of the Westmoreland series. Keep them coming!

  237. Deb says

    Hi Brenda,

    I must confess I have become addicted to your books since getting a hold of one at my local library. I wanted to know if Zion Blackstone and Gannon Steele’s books are being released next. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and God Bless.

  238. Miss A says

    Hi Brenda….I’m reading the second part of ” DREAMS OF FOREVER” It is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In what order do the WESTMORELAND series starts?

    • Brenda Woodbury says

      Miss A, Here is the complete list of books in the Westmoreland Family Series: (1) Delaney’s Desert Sheikh, (2) A Little Dare, (3) Thorn’s Challenge, (4) Stone Cold Surrender, (5) Riding The Storm, (6) Jared’s Counterfeit Fiancee, (7) The Chase Is On, (8) The Durango Affair, (9) Ian’s Ultimate Gamble, (10) Seduction, Westmoreland Style, (11) Spencer’s Forbidden Passion, (12) Taming Clint Westmoreland, (13) Cole’s Red Hot Pursuit, (14) Quade’s Babies, (15) Tall, Dark…Westmoreland, (16) Westmoreland’s Way, (17) Corey’s Mountain – Tis’ the Season for Romance Anthology, (18) Hot Westmoreland Nights, (19) What A Westmoreland Wants, (20) A Wife For A Westmoreland, (21) The Proposal, (22) Feeling The Heat. Upcoming: (23) Texas Wild (October 2012) and (24) One Winter Night (December 2012)

  239. says

    Hello Brenda….Just wanted to say I have completed reading one of your lastest novels entitled “The Playa’s Handbook…and I truly enjoyed reading the book….Its so hard to put down reading your books…I take them with me to work at night to pass the time by and not be so boring…..again thank you Brenda for your books and continue to do what you do….God Bless!!!!

  240. Karen Casey Wilson says

    Brenda Brenda Brenda :

    Girl I have been reading your books since the very beginning and child I love them and am addicted to them they are my drugs of choice particularly the Westmoreland Series and the Bennett Series I just can’t put your books down and your characters seem so relateable like my family members and some remind of people in my family and friends the way that talk and interact is purely on point for us as African Americans thanks again for making reading enjoyable for me again!!!

  241. Michelle says

    I love love love your books, I did not realize you had so many different series. I’m going through my books to see which ones I’m missing. Been married 23 years and those books can bring the spice back

  242. Wanda Tripp says

    Ms.Jackson i received in the mail today your wonderful response, to my little jester of appreciation for you the writer and woman .I am in awe that you would take the tiime out of your precious day to acknowledge me.Then again, when i think about it you show me and your thousands of reading fans each and every time you pen a book you care about us, because youv’e taken your time to craft a wonderful story that will surely give us an enjoyable reading experience .I can clearly see that God truly has his hands in everything that you do.That card definitely go’s in my personal scrapbook as a forever keepsake,thank you thank you.To everyone out there wherever you are Ms.Brenda Jackson is the real deal!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  243. rica says

    Love your books, cannot put them down when I get them
    because of you in September I am going to see Yellow Stone Park (lol)
    Who is the next Madaris we are going to read about i am waiting.
    so when are we going to read about Bailey

  244. Yvonne Moore says

    Hello Mrs. Jackson
    I am a new reader to your books. I started reading them in late May 2012 and thus far I have read The Westmoreland Series, The Madaris Series, The Bachelor Series, The Steele Series, and several other books and I can truly say I have had the time of my life in doing so. I just ordered the movie and can’t wait to receive it so I can enjoy it. For me so far I have placed my on celebrity faces to the males characters, not really concerned about the females “laughing” and my imagination has not failed me thus far. I am however waiting on the Dare Westmoreland story. I must say I have been the most intrigued with the Westmoreland Family out of all the series I have read but not once have I been disappointed in any of your books. I pray God’s continued blessing over your success and I look forward to your future Westmoreland books as well as others. God Bless you and know that you have a fan of your books in Georgia!

  245. Latrina says

    I love your books Mrs. Jackson! You are a wonderful writer and I’m always ready for what’s next. Keep up the great work! God bless!!

  246. kylene Millogan says


    I am new to the sitee, but no to your books. Love your work and glad I decided to order directly frm you. Stay Blessed.


  247. Karen A says

    The website looks great and I love the Westmorelands -read all the books. You are truly gifted and very talented. Keep up the excellent work and God bless you.
    PS I have plans to read about the Madaris….and all your books can’t wait. Thanks for being there and helping to add to my collection. :-)

  248. Fanita Cooke says

    Love your books especially the Westmoreland and Steele series. Have you written a book yet with Bane and Crystal story? If so, please give me the name.

  249. Arlene Card says

    Read one of your book by chance, fell in love and cannot stop reading. I have been getting the books you wrote.
    One of my all time favorites is Courting Justice. Please keep them coming, I can’t wait

  250. Adelice Nicole Barriere says

    It was truly a pleasure and a joy reading your novel, “Private Arrangements” and following the tumultuous passion, yet unexpected developing love between Nikki and Jonas. Their love story captivated me completely, and I especially enjoyed Jonas discovering the difference between “sex” and “making love”. As an English Teacher, I absolutely love and appreciate your vivid description regarding the act of “falling in love”, as I too am a die “heart” romantic. :-) I look forward to reading more of your novels, and I pray God continues to bless you abundantly as you walk in your gift.

  251. Wanda Tripp says

    I am so happy that you shared that you Brenda and your husband had a wonderful time celebrating your 40th anniversary welcome home.I think the time is so so right now for you and the dynamic Tyler Perry to start collaborating on some projects that would be beneficial to you both.I do believe hearing Tyler saying ,that he will be starting up a network or a tv channel and if that is so it would be fate coming your way and his and for us your loyal fans.Brenda you could have something similar to the Hallmark Channel, that put out quality heartfelt movies that pull at our very heartstrings.I can see this vision flouishing for you.I would hope that,on my list of your books that i have in my top ten that “THE TIES THAT BIND” would definitely be one of the first to get made for the masses to see this is one fantastic book one i could see it over and over where it to be made.Just a little wishful hoping on my part,because the way i see it the two of you are never to be compromised when it comes to your individual works. Two giants collaborating together Wow that would be an awesome and winning combination like no other.

  252. Cleonta says


    I just wanted you to know I think you are very talented writer I have read almost all of your books and counting I have to say I trully enjoy books when they connect and the Westmoreland stories are AWESOME!!!!

    Wishing you continued success…
    Cleonta Jackson
    Chicago, IL

  253. Taglee says

    Dearest Brenda,
    Firstly, I would like to say great job on the movie. I loved your response to Ms. Thorpe. People do not realise the amount of time and energy that it takes to put into production a movie such as you did. My husband did television production for over 20 years and now my son is in the business. Believe me, I know how hard it is to find the investors and backers that one would need to put everything together AND to stay true to the books that you so lovingly wrote and not have it being mis-represented and disected in the process. Great Job and always stay true to yourself. I am a true fan and I shall always continue to support your books and if you do make another movie… am there in the wings waiting. Hey, if you ever need a behind the scenes person give me a call :)
    On another note, I wondered, if you would follow-up on the Men of the Peachtree Private Investigative Firm. Spontaneous was a great book and I look forward to the other Blaze books to come. How soon would Antron’s story be coming out? Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary. Wish you many more to come. All the best to you and your family.

  254. Linda Berry says

    I love all of your book that I have read especially The Westmorelands. I will continue to read all of your books. They are the best.

  255. Mary Horsey says

    I read all the Westmoreland Saga’s, and I am hoping I have just scratched the surface of the Madaris’s Saga because I think you writing is out of this world. I enjoy reading all your books and I am so glad that I found someone who writes with some diversity. Thank you for taking my mind to place I would never go.

  256. Sheretha says

    Mrs. Jackson,

    I just want to give congrats to you for all your success and your future success that will come to you. I have been reading your books for years. I own over 90 percent of your books (even the ones that you republished). You keep writing and I will keep buying and I also joined Harlequin/Kimani book club a couple of years ago.

  257. Valen says

    Mrs Jackson,

    I have been reading your books for over a decade. I was wandering in the library in 1999 and ran across a shelf that titles “African American romance” I must have checked out 7 books that day but I was so drawn to Justin Madaris’ story (I was hooked) I kept going back week after week to find other books by this “Brenda Jackson” I love all of your books and I’ve read over 50 (Spontaneous one of my favorites I’ve read now 3 times as I await a new book), I was so glad when they became available on e-readers because my bookshelf have so little space. I could write and write but I’ll just leave you with this, thanks for always keeping me enthralled with your writings, I honestly feel like I know these chracters.

  258. Michelle says

    Mrs. Jackson, I have read many of your books that I lost count. Your writing and characters has allowed me to go away to a place and find some peace even if it is for a little while. I have shared your books with many friends and now they are enjoying the adventures of your characters as well. It is nice to read about African-American people who are successful and positive. It is great to see the gift that God gave you come to life as I turn the pages of your books. It is also nice to know that their are still strong, hardworking black men with morales and values. Please keep writing and I wish you much success. Until the next book, I will read you in the future.

  259. Mike Calhoun says

    Ms. Jackson. I just finished reading “Private Arrangements” and I must say I was “blown away” by the emotion and passion of your characters. You truly have the gift for writing.
    God Bless You (and yours) and continued success!

  260. Genny says

    Thank you for all your books. If I attend the Bill Pickett rodeo will I find a real live Westmoreland, Madaris or Steele? Just asking.

  261. Cindy says

    MS.Jackson. I received a Kindle. Fire for my 44th birthday. I am pleased to let you know that your book, Irresistible. Forces was my first download. I consumed your book in less than one day. It was all of that! Your literary genius oozed off every page. I couldn’t. get enough. Now I can’t wait to get my next Brenda Jackson read on. You have a fan. Thank you for that intense sensual journey that you sent me on with Dominic and Taylor…It really made me want to ride too! Lol

  262. Emenease Elvin says

    Thanks for all that you do for us to be happy. I love all of your books and believe that I have most of them. I continually search book sites making sure that I’m not missing anything. Do you have any other books coming to the screen and how soon? Again thanks and keep up the good work,

  263. LaDerika says

    Everytime I get on Amazon, I am looking for your newest books. You never cease to amaze me with your writing. love it love love it. keep the good reads coming. They so help me relax at the end of everyday I can slip into the lives of the characters.

  264. Shana says

    I have spent countless hours reading your books it stared with the Madaris family I own every book. Then the Steeles I also own every book, and now I have just completed the Westmorelands and own every book. You are an amazing writer and it is just fabulous how you can keep your readers wanting more. I can’t wait for Bailey and Bane Westmorelands story. I hope he get Crysal back but i am wondering could she have been pregnant? Is that the reason her parents rushed her away without a good bye or did they really dislike Bane that much? On another note loved the Movie!!!! Well I can go on and on about your books so have to run stay blessed and happy writing!

  265. Melonie E says

    Brought Truly Everlasting the movie. OMG!!! Mrs. Brenda I truly enjoyed the movie. Please bring the Westmorlands to life also. I have always said that if they can have the “Love Series” on Hallmark, they could bring some of your series to life. I personally would buy the series. Keep up the great work.

  266. Joan Butler says

    You can never write enough books on the Madaris family if you ask me. Any plans to write the story of Remington Madaris? Somehow I think she’d be hard to handle considering who her parent are!

  267. Renee says

    Thanks for writing such good romantic novels. I really can’t wait to see some of these on screen! The Westmorelands and Madaris families would make a very good TV series. it would be nice to see African American Families protrayed as successful upper class individuals. We can all dream!!

  268. Pamela says

    You are by far my favourite author. I read quite a bit (at least 4 books a week) and i have a collection of your books. I love how your characters meet within the first couple of pages in books. The Westmorelands are my favourite series. I hope you keep adding to them.

  269. Rashona H says

    My Co-workers and I have a Brenda Jackson book club! Your books are amazing! I love the prelude you give of upcoming books in your stories and I love the way each family member gets their own story told! Hands down you are the best! The steamy scenes are tastefully done and in the end love conquers all. Keep writing cause I will keep reading. I can proudly say I have every one of your books including Courting Justice! I pray to one day find love like the characters in your books! Great Work and God Bless.

  270. Onita Harris says

    Your novels have me wondering where I can find the Westmorelands and Steeles. Your books are awesome. My friend has even taken your name and now uses it as a term. For example, “Girl, I can’t wait to meet somebody who is going to Brenda Jackson me.” Translation, she is waiting to be swept off her feet and loved like the protagonists in your novels. Keep them coming, and we’ll keep on reading. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. Be blessed!

  271. Wanda Tripp says

    I loved Courting Justice,i just finished reading it last night it was good to the very last drop.Wow what a love story what a man ,what a woman!Brenda you do black love proud and i truly thank you for it, loyal fan and supporter of your works whether in books or movies.Keep them coming ,God Bless you and your family and your talented mind and hands.Love always

  272. Paula says

    I am waiting for Brisbane book too and can barely waite. I love the Westmorelands, the Steeles and the Madaris series. I started with one of your novels and have most of those series about on my Kindle. Purchased Courting Justice as soon as it was available and loved it. Keep up the good work. Hope Bisbane novel is really soon!!!

  273. Paula says

    I am waiting for Brisbane book too. I love the Westmorelands, the Steeles and the Madaris. I started with one of your novels and have most of the series about on my Kindle.

  274. Karla says

    Just read the Silken Thread. I thoroughly enjoyed that book. I have already started reading it again. I love all of your books but I did not think I would enjoy a book this much that was not tied to the Madaris or Westmoreland clan.

  275. Lisa M. says

    Brenda I love you so much and I just got done reading Courting Justice. I don’t know it seemed like the characters were so undecided and scared to take a chance on their relationship. Peyton seemed very unsure of everything so I have to tell you this one was not one of my favorites. I will keep buying and supporting you because I think you are an awesome author but sorry to say this one didn’t do it for me.

  276. b.jean yisroel says

    Hey! Brenda,first let me say that i might be your oldest fan, I’m in my seventies.I love your writing and I have ALL of your books. Just bought ,Truely Everlasting ,The movie.
    My favorite character is Jake Madaris, with Dare Westmoreland a close second. I would love to read more about John and Evelyn,and James and Sarah Westmoreland. I think that theirs woud be an awesome story.
    Keep giving us those beautiful stories about black love.

    • Brenda Jackson says

      I plan to write the parents’ stories of a lot of my favorite heroes beginning in 2013. Thanks for reading my books!

  277. Pamela Cavanaugh says

    I have read all your books that has been written. I have courting justice right know.I’m tryi g to hold out this Friday to read it but it is hard. Once I start one of your books it’s hard to put down they are justa page turner that you can put it down. Thank you for all the fun and tears laughs I have had.

  278. says

    Hi Mrs. Jackson
    I have been a long-time fan of yours, so you can imagine my excitement today when I discovered that one of your books was made into movie. After watching the first ten minutes of the movie, I was ready to turn it off. If you will allow me to be candid, the acting was poor, and it was evident that this movie was produced with a low budget. I have read every Madaris book that you have written, and the men that you had to play the Madaris were a poor imitation in comparison to how you described them in your books. To say that I am disappointed, is an understatement. If you are planning on making any of your other books into a movie, please acquire the financial backing to ensure the movie is the same caliber as your book-well written, superb acting, high quality.

    Thank you allowing me to post my thoughts and comment. I’m still a Brenda Jackson fan!

    • Brenda Jackson says

      Thanks for being candid, but now I must be candid as well.

      You indicated the movie looked as if it was low budgeted. You are right because it was. I used my own funds to make this movie and it was on a low budget. Had I waited for an investor with at least 10 – plus million dollars to finally approach me and say – “I want to do a movie of one of your books”….I would still be waiting. And then there is the risk that the investor who puts up that much money will want a large say in the production of the movie. Been there and done that …and it was a fiasco for One Special Moment. If you feel that I should have waited for an investor, I have to disagree. Based on the budget I had, I was satisfied with the outcome. I hope that some of my readers appreciate the effort that my film crew and I made. Although it wasn’t a movie ready for an Oscar by no means, it gave a crew of wonderful people a chance to spotlight their skills. This was some of the actors and actresses first time in front of a camera and I appreciate the hard work they put into it and the long hours it took. This was an independent film. It was not made by Hollywood. But when it comes to Black movies, even the most known have difficulty getting financing. I’m sure by now everyone has heard of what George Lucas had to do in order to get Red Tails made and he is George Lucas. That’s one of the reasons I admire Tyler Perry. I’m sure he was criticized because his first play or movie did not meet everyone’s expectations. His first play I’m sure was not ready to hit Broadway. But he continued with another and another and eventually, he got better…and then the financiers came. Sorry you were disappointed, as this movie, as low budgeted as it was, was still a labor of love that I would do again as an independent film maker. Everyone has to start somewhere and I did and I’m hoping other readers would want to see the next Brenda Jackson movie, with the belief that I will get better with each movie I make. Are there things I could improve on with the next movie? Certainly. You learn. You grow. You improve. This was my first movie. Sorry you were disappointed and I appreciate you letting me know.. But then I appreciate receiving emails from readers who were able to look beyond all the faults and admire I did something no one else has done… for them. These are the loyal Brenda Jackson readers who know the movie was made for them with love. If you happen to come across an investor willing to put the ten millions needed to at least make what you’d find as an acceptable movie of one of my books…and the investor will let me make it “by the book” and not what he perceives the story should be, let me know. I’d love to meet him or her. And I appreciate you for being a Brenda Jackson fan.

      • Wanda Tripp says

        Ms.Jackson even in the face of harsh criticism you are certainly one class act.I whole heartily agree with everything you’ve conveyed to the person you were responding to who has criticized your vision, to which youv’e lovingly nutured to the end.I am not nor will i ever be disappointed in any of your works,they are just that good.I love how you use love as the foundation for all that you do.Brenda thank you for giving and showing that love in all your books even though they are fiction, there are issues that we all can relate to at one time or another. I believe this is why your works are so very popular,because after all is said and done we all just want to be loved and cherished.You’ve given black love in romance a strong voice that will never fade i always pass your love stories on to my sista’s.Just as you support us so shall your loyal readers support,support,support you.God Bless you and your family!!!

    • Brenda Jackson says

      The next book, Bachelor Unclaimed, is Winston Coltrane’s story. I am writing it now and it comes out in February 2013.

  279. DEE TEE says

    Hi Brenda,
    I have never enjoyed reading……until Brenda Jackson was introduced to my world. I have read two of your books this month!!! I am on the search for more. You have made a reader out of me. I had not read two books in the past three years!!! Thank you, May you be blessed to continue in your “works”

    Dee Tee

  280. says



  281. Liendra Reynolds says

    I am addicted to reading. I read 30-50 books a week, and your books are on my list every week. I’ve read “Taking Care of Business” 3 times, and I am waiting {anxiously} for your next interracial romance novel.

    • Brenda Jackson says

      Have you read Sonya and Mike’s story in Forever Mine. The interracial couple was introduced in my book, The Savvy Sistahs.

  282. Julia M. Brown says

    Love reading your books. I love reading about the Westmoreland clan. Keep writing these great books.

  283. Ebony Kelly says

    Loving the website and app. Since Bane’s story is not ready, I need a Zane Westmoreland, or Tyson Steele, or Zion from the bachelor series story. Please say one of these gentlemen are coming out soon. Also, I would love to read Bailey’s story, she has alot of spunk.

    • BrendaW says

      @Ebony Kelly, Here’s Brenda Jackson’s remaining book schedule for 2012:
      Courting Justice (New Madaris Novel) a June 2012 book available May 29th
      All He Desires (3 former Big Girl novellas + 1 brand new story) September 2012
      Texas Wild (Megan Westmoreland & Rico Clairborne) October 2012
      One Winter Night (Riley Westmoreland) December 2012

  284. Cheryl De Coteau says

    Am a book club member, finished my last exam for the semester yesterday, looking forward to some relaxing lol reading, just wanted to wish all a bless and profitable day.

  285. Paulette Skinner says

    I have become a recent fan of yours. I started with the Westmoreland Series and I am about to read the Madaris Family stories. You have a great way of pulling families, friends, and place together that I have found exciting and quite moving. I’ve have so many more of your stories to read that I can’t wait until June. I am a teacher and love to travel and read. I would have been on your cruise if my daughter had not already booked me on an Alaska cruise in August. Do you travel to other port of call? I will be looking forward to participating in some of the other activities involving you and your fans. I have downloaded Courting Justice to my phone. I can’t wait to read it. There was a sample on the Nook but not the full chapter. Congratulations for winning the RWA award. You deserved it!

    • Brenda Jackson says

      After 2013, our next cruise is 2015. Destination undecided but will post on my website. Hope you will able to join us.

  286. Vondetta Carter says

    Love the new site..Love being apart of the Book club…I am a fan of all your books and I love turning sisters on to your fabulous books. Congrats on all your accomplishments and keep the great books coming.

  287. Loria Ford says

    Hi Ms. Jackson,

    I am a fan of all your books, and a Brenda Jackson book club member. Love the new website. Keep up the great writing.

  288. Wanda Tripp says

    Ms.Jackslove love love love this new and fabulous website.Iv’e been reintroduced to your books once again ,two years ago by my sister-n-law.She and i were discussing one of your books one day,when i said i had a whole list of your books i needed to get.To my surprise and delight she had in her possession a treasure trove of your books!My sister-n-law sent them express and i read all 32 in three weeks and i have been reading you ever since.Ms,Jackson you truly have been given a gift from GOD.You give black women a dynamic view of what love and family can do for the human spirit.In essence you make us feel real good.these is why i crown you “The Queen Of Sensuality.Finally congrats on the sucess of Truly Everlasting,i brought multiple copies and a big congrats on winning the Nora Roberts”RWA”,it is much deserved.

  289. Diana Weaver says

    As always I love all things that support Brenda Jackson. Still waitting on Randi’s book and the Peachstreet detectives stories.

  290. says

    i’m one of the 3 ladies from ocala, wishing you continued success in everything to come.
    I really enjoy your books and have re-read many waiting for a new one to come out.
    Thank you so very much for you great books. I love a happy ending also.

  291. Tonya Harden says

    Hi Brenda. I love all your books. I am looking forward to reading many more of your books.

  292. amelia Smith says

    I love all your books. It was a pleasure to meet you on the cruise last year and I’m looking forward to going to Alaska next June. I’m a member of the bookclub. I’ve been passing your books around to my family and friends. My mom lived the movie. Congrats on your many accomplishments.

  293. Sandra Clue-Shepherd says

    I am hooked. What more can I say. I have totally enjoyed each and everyone of your books that I have read. Each one just gets better and better.I am presently reading the Madrias Family series. I read most of the Westmoreland series; but I believe I am enjoying the Madarias series better. It was hard to put down Fire and Desire and also True Love. I laughted so much while reading these books. I just started reading The Midnight Hour. I totally love Colonel Auston Sinclair in Surrender.

    I am trying to purchase Strictly Business for my kindle. No luck.

    • BrendaW says

      Sandra Clue-Shepherd,
      You can find Strictly Business included with four other published novellas by Brenda Jackson in a book titled, Some Like It Hot. I just checked Amazon to make sure that they have this available for Kindle and they do. So look for the book title, SOME LIKE IT HOT.

  294. Jonida says

    Ms. Jackson, I really enjoy your books,especially the Madarises. My sister is now addicted to your writing. Please keep blessing us with your gift.

  295. Dorothy J Farmw says

    Greetings Mrs. Jackson.
    I am a member of the book club. While I do not post like I should, just wanted to say hello, and tell you that I enjoy your work. I honestly cannot say what is a favorite book because each of your novels are excellent. Thank you for giving us these treasures, and please keep giving us your stories.

  296. Debbie Richard says

    I am a member of your book club Brenda. I love your stories. I have been reading your books since I was 14 years old. That was seven years ago. My first story was Unfinished Business. Your books provide an escape into a fantasy world of strong heartthrob heros and kindhearted yet fiesty heorines and whirlwind romances. I fall in love with every character I meet. Your new website has allowed me to go through all your books and find ones I have not yet read. I recently obtained copies of the Steeles and the Bachelors in Demand. My favorite series is the Madaris. Keep writing those stories we love and I’ll definitely keep reading!!

  297. Alveria Gaddis says

    Just lovin the new website. I have read almost every thing you have written and am a member of the Book Club. Waiting til Courting Justice comes out later this month. This one is gonna be good like everything you have written. Stay Blessed.

    Alveria (los angeles)

  298. Sandi Gray says

    Good Evening Ms. Brenda – I really like the nice website. I’m also a member of your book club and enjoy the discussions and interaction with the other members.

    Sandi (Maryland)

  299. Rosie Harvey McDaniel says

    Ms. Jackson, I am thoroughly enjoying the new site. When you do things from the heart (like you always do), the heart smiles and that smile emits happiness into even the coldest heart. Keep up the good work, I have enjoyed the ride with you as a member of your online club and as a fellow traveller on the Madaris Cruises. Can’t wait until I get to chit-chat with you and my online family in Alaska……stay blessed until then and many moons afterwards!

    Rosie (Chocolatecity)

  300. Ethel says

    I’m a member of your yahoo book club… I’ve enjoyed your books for years… Please keep them coming… Love the new site…

  301. Brenda Larnell says

    Oh no you didn’t!!!! Just ran across Irresistible Forces for audiobooks. I am sooooo excited!!! Got my headphones ready to go! This is going to be GOOOOD!

  302. Regina Hightower says

    Beautiful website and guest book have everyone of your books and I’m a huge fan be blessed and Please keep up the good work love & Gods blessings

  303. Ebony says

    Hi Mrs Jackson,

    I am a huge fan. I have my best friend hooked on your books. :-) Keep you the good work. I am a member of your wonderful book club.

  304. LaTasha Murphy says

    Mrs. Jackson! I just looovvveee your books. I read one of your books in 2006 and I have been hooked every since. I enjoy that all the books have happy endings and that I can go to Walmart and Target and get the books as for a decent price. I love your characters, plots, settings, everything. God has truly given you a gift to write and make it so real. Everything you write about seems to be so real. I have a bookshelf at home that says BRENDA JACKSON ONLY! Please continue to write stories and keep our interest. I will support you. You are a strong black women and God is using you with the pen and your ideas. God Bless you!

    • says

      – these are GORG. so amazing. i toatlly understand feeling uninspired when life gets crazy. it feels so good when things fall into place and it comes back to you on your own terms. these feel real and special, and not forced. congrats!

  305. Louise says

    Hi Brenda
    Just stop by to say CONGRATULATIONS on everything and looking forward to coming back. I am a member of your booknook club. I see lots of questions have been ask about upcoming books, and as always you answers. The is so many books your readers are waiting on I am just going to sit back and just pray I have my money ready. Have a bless week.

  306. Danielle says

    Continued best wishes on all of your book writing, movie-making and multi-media endeavors. I’m a big fan….waiting anxiously for Courting Justice!! Blessings on you!

    Bookclub Member

  307. Myrlita Clark says

    Hi Mrs Jackson
    I am so proud of all the accomplishments you have achieved. I am a hughe fan i have every book you have out on ebook and hardback. You help me believe that there is a happy ever after

  308. Sharon D. King says

    Ms. Jackson, another member of the Book Club checking in to THANK YOU for your wonderful characters and stories. I have every book you have published (some in duplicate and triplicate, lol). Please keep giving us these wonderful stories of family and love.

  309. Crystal H. says

    I am a member of the Brenda Jackson bookclub and I enjoy your books. I have all of your books and cannot wait until the next one comes out. I recommend your books to all of my friends; your books are the best. Love the new website. Keep the books coming.

  310. Toni Jackson says

    I am a member of the Brenda Jackson book club. Love the new website site.
    Your book are creatively done and I enjoy all of them.

  311. Brenda Larnell says

    I am an ardent fan!!!! The 1st novel I read was Irresistible Forces. I was hooked. I still read it from time to time. I have read All the Steele, Westmoreland, and Madaris Fam books. You are a talented writer and storyteller. Thank you for giving me hours of the best reading I have ever experienced!I also have Truly Everlasting, the movie. Loved it! Keep them coming and I will keep reading!!! God bless!

  312. Carolyn says

    Mrs. J, I have so much to thank you for because I too am a romantic at heart and you have shown through your books that I’m not alone. I love you and all your books and you keep growing and improving with everything you do. Mostly though, I want to thank you for the beautiful women you have brought into my life since I joined the BJBC. These women are family now, like you and will always be a part of me. Keep up the good work and God will continue to bless you in all that your do.

  313. Tonya says

    As a member of your bookclub I just wanted to stop by. I truly enjoy all your books and can’t wait for Courting Justice to arrive.

  314. Brenda W says

    Brenda, I want to take this moment to thank you so much for not just our special friendship but the opportunity to manage and operate the fabulous Brenda Jackson Bookclub. The bookclub family is an awesome group of both wonderful, fun loving women and men (yes men….who love romance books!!) I wish you many more blessings and continous ideas to write more loving romance novels. Love you my friend!!

  315. Helen says

    I love your website. I’ve read all of the Steele Series (except Quade’s Babies). I love them. I’m starting on the Westmoreland and Madaris Series. Please keep on writing. Looking forward to reading whatever you write next. Keep them coming!!

    • Brenda Jackson says

      Thanks Helen. Glad you’re enjoying my books. A new Madaris and Friends novel out in a few weeks!! Courting Justice!

  316. Tina says

    Thank You so much for serving with me in the Air Force your books have kept me company on many deployments. I have retired from active duty, so now I’m enjoying your books on the beach! If you ever get to Navarre Florida stop by and have meal. Thank You for the Westmorland Men!

  317. Vanessa Thomas says

    I was given a copy of my first Westmoreland novel, three years ago and have been on a mission to read Everything you’ve written, I dont know what the hype is about the new Shades of Grey but honey they need to get a hold of one of your books and know what a dreamy hunk of a man really is. I’m a visual person and your descriptions of the Westmoreland men gives me goose pimples. Luv u, Brenda.

  318. Rosemary says

    I love your Madaris and Westmoreland Series I think they all need part 2, AWESOME job!!!!!!

  319. Jazmine Coleman says

    I just want to say that I’m a HUGE fan of all your work. I especially enjoy the Westmoreland series. I’ve got all of them so far on my Kindle and I’ve read and re-read them multiple times. I just started getting into the Steele series and so far so good in my opinion. I just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of yours! :)

  320. Betsy McDaniels says

    Hi Brenda! It’s Betsy from your “past life” at the farm!!! Just checking in and glad to see you are doing well! Best of luck to you!

  321. Melinda McKinney says

    I want to thank you so much for considering audiobooks. I have listened to the four that are on audio while at work. My co-workers and I really enjoyed them all. Nice new website.

    Thanks again:)

  322. Adelice Nicole Barriere says

    Although I’ve read and enjoyed several of your novels, I must admit that it was truly a pleasure reading one of your latest, “A Silken Thread”, as it was intriguing and captured my interest from the onset. Erica and Brian were the epitome of true soul mates, but I especially enjoyed the love story centered around Wilson and Rita. Thank you for bringing to life mature love and passion, and showing that love can be found at any age. Perhaps their characters will resurface in another series. 😉 Many blessings on your continued success.

  323. Kenyatta says

    I purchased the Truly Everlasting movie three weeks ago, and I’ve probably watched it 10 times already. I am anxiously waiting for the next movie. Have begun to work on the next movie and if so, which book will be replicated?

  324. Ailana Miller says

    OMG I am absolutely hooked. I just love your books I am a big fan of the Steel/Westmorland and Bachelors in Demand Series. I can’t wait for the other three bachelor stories. God blew and much blessings to you thank you for sharing your talent with the world we appreciate it!

  325. Lisa M. says

    Hey Mrs. Jackson just wanted to let you know you are doing an outstanding job. I just finished the new book Feeling the Heat and it had me feeling the heat too. An excellent read. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading Megan & Rico’s story and also Brisbane needs a story along with the rest of the Denver Westmorelands. Keep them coming and I will keep reading!

  326. Karen says

    Just wanted to know what books I should start out with on the Westmoreland’s and the Madaris Family’s. I have Tonight and Forever, right now but want to get the stories right.

  327. Shaunda S. says

    Hi Mrs. Jackson,

    I am a huge fan of your books and I try to read all those that are connected to a series. I enjoyed reading “Spontaneous” and I was wondering if there are any books out there featuring the guys that works with Duan Jeffries at the PI firm? I would love to read about them as well. Continue to do what you are doing. You are truly a gifted writer.

  328. Sharon Wiliams says

    Hello Brenda,
    You are my favorite author. I just love all of your books. I began with the Steele series. For then on I was hooked!!! I just can’t get enough. I recently started with the Westmorelands. I thank God for you and talent in writing. Your books have made me and my Kindle Fire inseparable. For this I Thank You….. :)

  329. Sheletta Nenell says

    I just wanted to say that I love reading about the Westmoreland Brothers. You are truly have a gift from God in writing these books. I enjoy Reading them very much. It takes me one whole day to read your book’s that should tell you there how much I do enjoy reading them. Please keep up the good work. I look forward to reading what the the single brothers that are left unwed from the Westmoreland Brothers.


  330. Salomé Mikaëlle Fontaine says

    Ms. Jackson, you are a gifted author and I simply love your books. I found myself collecting your Madaris, Westmoreland, Steele, Jeffries and Bachelor in Demand series. I can’t seem to get enough of them; may God continue to bless you and your imagination. I want to congratulate you on your achievements… and by the way, I like what you did with the website.

    • Sheletta Nenell says

      I feel the same way that you do regarding her books, it like you cannot get enough of them. God has truly bless this woman in her writing. Please continue to be blessed Ms. Jacksonson

  331. LATONYA YOUNG says


  332. Ethel Bezina says

    I read taking care of business and really enjoyed it. Are there anymore books about the Elliots? The reason I’m asking is that I saw The Elliots #2, what exactly does that mean? I have also read westmorelands and the steeles, next I’m going to read Madaris family. I think you are an amazing romance writer.

    Ethel B.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  333. MzTray says

    Love the new website. Great job! I am loving your series and now my sister is hooked. Congratulations and keep them coming.


  334. Beverly Jenkins says

    Ms. Jackson, I just want to say that the first book of your that I read was Irresistible Forces and then I started on the Westmoreland family family series I have purchased and downloaded books 1-15 and I am on book 15, I somemuch enjoy your stories and will get the rest of the Westmoreland books. Once I finish this I plan to read all your other books. Look the site, it helps me find the books that I need to go purchase. I am an advid book lover, so I usually buy the paperback version to have in my collection(so that I can lend them out to my friends), I also purchase them to read on my Nook reader, this way I can read a book without having the light on. Keep up the good work. I will be sure to check back here to keep up with all your books.

    Beverly J
    Shreveport, LA

  335. Ann says

    Ms. Jackson – My son present me with a Nook for Mother Day and since that time I have purchased and downloaded 51 books and looking forward to the Brisbane book. I especially like the series and have attempted to purchase all. I will compare what I have and purchase what I don’t have of each series. Keep up the great work and Thank You for provide me with many hours of reading pleasure!

    Houston, Texas

  336. Barbara Thompson says

    Hello Brednda
    I want to thank U for all the wonderful books of romance. I have enjoyed and read all and my biggest fans are the madaris, westmoreland and steel family and friends. I really want to see if you thought about writing about nettie brothers and also Mr Remington finding love. I think it is time he find somebody to spend his time with. What happen to Nettie friend and manager did she find love? Are you planning to write about them? I just want to thank u your stories are fantastic.
    God Bless keep on writing and we keep on reading the stories,

  337. Tia says

    I love love love your work!! When I grow up to be a writer, I want to be like you! I love how you draw me in every single book of yours that I have faithfully bought and read. I am your biggest fan! You are really blessed with writing and a great imagination. I especially admire the scriptures you throw in. How you keep the love, and sex, and the everything in each and every body with different plots and characters is beyond me. I loved the Westmorelands series. Keepp up the awesome work you do daily.


  338. Danielle R. Smith says

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL of your books. I just bought Feeling the Heat and finished it in one day. Now I can’t wait for the next book. I look forward to reading your new Madaris family novel Courting Justice. You are truly gifted and may God continue to bless you & your family.

    All the best,

    Atlanta, GA

  339. Karen says

    I totally enjoy your books, I work tirelessly and it takes a lot a brain power to make it through my days. Your books are like a journey and they are not far from reality if you strive for the best and give the best. Please do not stop writing, I have introduced my mom to your different story lines and she is now enjoying your books. I have read all of your books except the few that came out late last year and early this year which is only 4. I plan to buy and download all 4 and read them on my vacation. Once you start reading any of your books you cannot put them down until you get to that last page. So Brenda keep doing what you are doing. Definitely love your new website and the IPAD app has got to be the best thing you came up with besides your books. May God continue to bless and keep you and I look forward to finally meeting you at the BEA. Best, Karen

  340. Nikki says

    Hi Brenda,
    I started reading your books around 2000, starting with Thorn’s Challenge. I have read all of the Westmoreland series, Madaris series, Steele series and story lines you have with other authors..Your books are an enjoyable read and I love the fact that you have happy endings! I have all of these books in paperback and since I now have a Kindle I find myself ordering new releases and old releases on the Kindle no matter how many times I have read them in paperback :) You name it if Brenda Jackson is the author I buy it ,read it, and thankfully now I can watch it too!!!!! Black people do read, and I thank you for sharing your God given talent with us and the world. May God continue to bless you. P.S. all of your books are movie worthy, but my suggestion for your next release is “A Little Dare”

    Pembroke Pines, Florida

  341. Alice Smith says

    After finishing college last year I needed to read something other than an educational book and happen upon one of your books. I immediately fell in love with the Westmorelands and had to add them to my Nook Color. I went through them so fast that I found the Steeles and have enjoyed every last one of them. Your books are attention grabbers and I have found myself having to keep my Nook plugged in because I can’t put down your books.

  342. Felecia Tucker says

    Brenda, do you know if there a group of your fans going on the cruise from South Carolina( maybe even Columbia, SC) if so can you e-mail me so I can chat with them. You can give them my e-mail address. Thanks either way . I’m still reading every thing you write. Felecia

  343. Rita says

    Hi Mrs. Jackson
    I’ll being reading your books for about a year now. I really the Westmorelands, the Steeles, and the Madaris families. I have “A LOT” of your books. Where can I get a copy of The Madaris Saga. May God continue to bless you.

  344. Linda says

    I stumpled upon yuor books, when i first brought my Kindle over a year ago, as a I downloaded a few that were free and once I read them it was all over.
    I have purchased everyone of your books and have read them all within 2 months. I can’t wait for your new books to come out. I have preorded them on Amazon.
    Keep up the good work and Congratulations on yiur awards.

  345. Sherika says

    Hey Mrs.Jackson I’m loving the new site! Just wanted to let you know I’m a huge fan and I have ALL your books!!

    • Brenda Jackson says

      I already have Vincent’s love interest picked out. Thanks for the suggestion though. I can’t wait to write Tiffany story. I’m giving those generation of teens time to grow up.

  346. Felecia Tucker says

    Brenda I love reading your books, When I came to your book signing in Columbia , SC I had about 20 books. Now i have over 70 of your books. I can”t wait for your books to come out, especially the book with Brisbane. I also really enjoyed your premiere in Jacksonville. Fl. Brenda please take care of your self because you bring so much JOY into so many peoples lives and i hope to be on your cruise in June 2013!

    • Brenda Jackson says

      Thanks so much and I’m glad you were able to attend the Premier. Having so many of my readers there meant so much! We must do it again one day!

  347. Brianna says

    Hey Brenda, I recently started reading your books last year. The Madaris family series is my favorite. I feel like they’re real people I know. I wish you could turn the Madaris series books into a tv show. That would be wonderful. The movie was awesome and I hope you create more movies with the Madaris series. I would like to see Trevor and Corinthians story come to life. You are my favorite author and I can’t wait for Peyton’s story. Keep up the good work!!

  348. Roslyn Williams says

    I just started reading Taking Care of Business, and I just wanted to say thank your for the interracial books. Thanks for some good reading. I can’t wait to read more.

    • Brenda Jackson says

      More and coming! Have you read The Sweestest Taboo, a story included in the anthology Forever Mine? The couple, Mike and Sonya, meet in my book Savvy Sistahs, and everyone wrote and said they had to have their own story – so I wrote The Sweetest Taboo. To find the book Forever Mine, check out my store on this website. You can purchase it there. You can purchase Savvy Sistahs there as well. Take care!

  349. Asianna Alston says

    I absolutely love your work i definitely have my fave guys from each family. Thorn is definitely my favorite Westmoreland! Dex is definitely my favorite Madaris, and Donavan is definitlely my favorite Steele. I absolutely love you and hopefully I’ll be cruising with you in 2013!!

  350. Marnita Edwards says

    Hi Mrs. Jackson.
    I have been enjoying your novels for about 15 years now. I have all but two and they are Desire series books but I am looking for them. I recently read “A Silken Thread” and was surprised to see there was a character name Marnita mentioned. (if only twice, smile) There is nothing cooler than to see your name in novel by your favorite author. I really enjoyed the story line, read it twice. For Valentine’s I asked and received your movie. “Truly Everlasting” It was great, it was so refreshing to see a movie that truely reflects the book. I hope your next movie is “Unfinished Business” because I would love to see Christy’s wedding dance for Alex. I think that is my favorite part of the book. I could see myself doing something that crazy for husband. Looking forward to new books for 2012.

    • Brenda Jackson says

      I’m glad you enjoy reading my books. I don’t want to think about what the budget will have to be in order to produce a movie like Unfinished Busines. LOL. But foremost, in order to even consider doing another movie I have to sell all the copies I produced of Truly everlasting to reinvest the money into another movie. So please encourage everyone who enjoys a good love story to purchase their copy at

      Take care!

  351. Stacey B. says

    Hi Miss Brenda

    You are best when it comes to Romance writing. I pray that god continues to bless you with the gift of writing. all of your books are great and I am a huge fan ever since my friend gave Ties that bind to read. It is my favourite book! I just love it.


  352. says

    hi mrs jackson,
    do you know of any guest horse or dude ranches. since you have written about horses, thought you may have been to one. a few of my friends have thought about learning to ride. we are thinking about planning a vacation next year and thought it might be fun.


  353. says

    hi mrs jackson
    i have truly enjoyed your books, especially the madaris, steele and westmoreland series. i can’t wait to read about brisbane. will his story come out this year, if so around what are a fantastic writer.


    • Brenda Jackson says

      No Brisbane’s story won’t be out this year or 2013. I’m trying to give him time to mature. This year’s Westmorelands are – Micah, Megan and Riley. In 2013, you’ll have Zane, Canyon and Stern. Take care!

  354. Loren P says

    I have recently gotten into The Steel Series and I have been looking for Morgan’s Story, Beyond Temptation. Can anyone tell me where this book is being sold or if Mrs. Jackson will have this book reprinted and sold. I have check a couple of major book stores and they say that the book is unavailable and they only have it on e-book…I am a little old fashion and I love to have a book in my hand. I have yet to make the transition to ebooks. Any help at all would be helpful. Thanks!

    • BrendaW says


      Beyond Temptation can be purchased from Brenda Jackson’s Online Store. Just go to the top of the home page of her website and click on store, then click on Catalog and scroll down to the Steeles and click. I just checked for you and it’s listed.

  355. Harolyn Oliver says

    Ms. Brenda….all I can say is “wow”. I received a kindle fire for Christmas and I can truly say that I’m absolutely hooked on your books. You are indeed very talented! I love the Madaris family series. I’ve recently started reading the Westmoreland series and each time I think that the present book is the best, the next one is better.
    I loved the spiritual joining of Ashton and Nettie, Diamond and Jake are fabulous together and to round them up, Clayton and Syneda makea a wonderful power couple. I would love for Syneda’s father to be blessed with someone in his life especially since his best friend is now married.
    Well, I’m off to read Felicia and Trask’s story so I can follow up with the movie.

    May God continue to bless you. Faithful fan from Alabama….

    Good luck to you in your future endeavors!

    • Brenda Jackson says

      I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas as well. Don’t you just love it! Thanks for downloading my books! Please enjoy!

  356. Saundra Duhart-Briscoe says

    Hello Brenda Jackson!….I absolutely love your website as well as your books. I am a hopeless romantic and through your books you do it every time!!! I’ve just finished reading “A Steele for Christmas” and starting today on “Private Arrangements”. I just have to say one thing…..Why can’t I get a MAN like Eli Steele???….LOL!! That writing was so cool and humorous, especially when he started questioning himself as to why he was feeling those feelings and his behavior in general. I was riding on the bus home from work and laughed out loud so much….I know folk thought I was totally gone. No, I’m not totally gone, I just read that book of yours and fell in love with Eli!!!! I enjoy your books sooooo much!!! May you be blessed with much success in your endeavors and journey!!!

    • Brenda Jackson says

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed Eli’s story. There is an Excerpt I had to cut out the book due to word-count limit. But I shared it with my readers separately. It’s the scene where Stacey and Eli confront her former fiance. To find it, so to book, and then look for online reads. Take care!

  357. Ramona Johnson says


    I am new to this family. Yet I love the Westmorelands. But I am a bit confused is there an order. And a list. Where can I get it?

    • BrendaW says

      Ramona, you can find a list of the Series and Connecting Books under the heading on the home page that says BOOKS. If any problems, since I maintain the lists for Brenda Jackson, please feel free to email me at

  358. April C says

    Hi, Ms. Brenda , Just Stoping by to show you some LOVE!! Can’t wait for the Next Book. This Year I think will be a VERY EXCITING YEAR :-)

    • Brenda Jackson says

      Yes and I believe that this year will be exciting. It started off with me being a NAACP Image Award Nominee for Outstanding Literary Fiction – Silken Thread in January and winner of the Reader’s Choice Award for Bachelor Undone in February. God is good!

  359. says

    hi brenda! i just wanted to come and let you know that i love your books! ive only read 8 of them.. cause i am blind, and use a service for the blind called nls bard. the books are in audio described format. and they don’t have many up on the site yet. but i love reading, you are by far the best author i have read in a long time. my favorite stories were about the corbanes!!! i love it! love it! i am a hopeless romantic myself, and your books have giving me great ideas on keeping the magic in my marriage. so thanks! keep up the wonderful writing, and keep the books coming! smiles, hugs and many blessings to you! and i hope to get more of your books in the future. take care


    Hi Ms Jackson, I see that you have a Madaris book coming out called Courting Justice. Whose story is this and I can’t wait to read it. I am currently enjoying the Westmoreland’s and I am up to the 5th book in this series but I have purchased 18 books. I am finding it difficulty in finding Tis the season. I am old fshioned and like a paper copy and not a kindle version

    Thanks for giving me years of enjoyment, a devoted reader from the UK

    • Brenda Jackson says

      Jacqueline, Courting Justice is a new Madaris book about Peyton Mahoney and DeAngelo Di Meglio. Peyton is best friends to Mac (A Taste of Passion) and Sam ( Sensuous Confessions) and is the third attorney in the law firm in Oklahoma. DeAngelo is Sam’s brother. I think you’re going to like their story which comes out in June.

      Also, Tis the Season comes out in hard copy and can be ordered through my online store in regular book format.

      Take care.

  361. Allison Rucker says

    Hi Brenda, I just love your books!! I have collected all of the Madaris, Westmoreland, Steeles and Bachelor Undone series. I love them all keep them coming.

  362. Torri Toliver says

    I love your new website. I want to tell you that I met you at a book signing last year in Houston Texas. It was such an enjoyable experience. I have been reading your books for the last two years and I must say, they get better and better. I also recently bought the DVD “Truly Everlasting”. I was amazed at how close to the book the movie was, I mean line by line, and I know because I read the book several times. I however was disappointed in the love scenes (your books are so descriptive). All in all, the movie was great! Congratulations to your whole team that turned out such a wonderful movie. I have watched it every night since I bought it. Love you Brenda! Keep writing, it makes my day every month get a new book. I wish I could get a new book every week! I read them so fast. By the way, I was born and raised in Gainesville, FL and resided in Jacksonville for a time. Sooo hello home girl!

    • Brenda Jackson says

      Glad you enjoyed the movie, and in order to keep the PG13 rating for the moving, or a rating that would be appropriate for television, I had to tone down the love scenes. Otherwise, it would have been rated R or X and that is not what I wanted. Books tend to be more descriptive.

  363. ERMA N. FIELDS says

    Brenda I love the website and congralutation on your NAACP Image award,and I hpoe to see you on the 2013 cruise.I love the movie truly everlasting I look at it every day and I love it,i’m waiting on another movie.ERMA N.

  364. Donna Livingston says

    Ms. Jackson, I love your new website which allows us readers to follow you on twitter or facebook now. I have read your Madaris Series, Steele Series and of course the Westmoreland family, this includes not only the men but the women in their lives too… Much success to you always!!!
    P.S. I think Bane has grown up now and he needs to find the love of his life….

  365. Kristen P. says

    I love love love ALL your books! I am always ready for the next one. I am so ready for Josh Avery’s story is that coming soon?

      • says

        Hey Brend!
        How U doing? Hope U and your family is fine with all the bad weather we have been having. I am so sorry I miss U hear in Baltimore in June at the Broadway Libaray. I have been busy trying to get everything together for my graduation that was coming up on July 1.
        I had a lot going on and my mind was on doing just that trying to keep up with all the programs that the College had going for the Seniors. I am reading one of your books now and it seem like I had read it before Dreams of Forever. The book covers were change, anyway gives me something to read again. Take care hope to hear from U soon.
        Love Ya Mamie!

  366. Sharon Pollard says

    I love your book’s! I started reading them a year ago. My goal is to read everything that you have written! Keep writing!

  367. jasmine says

    Hi brenda!i love your books especially the westmorelands. Im reallu ex ited about Brisbanes story,i hope its the next book!

  368. Judith Kalema says

    I used to be an avid reader of your books but got out of it due to a hectic schedule. Now that I am no longer employed, I have gotten back into reading. Your Madaris Series has me shopping for all of the books in that Series and very eager to read other Series that you have. I have also read the Ties That Bind and A Silken Thread. None of your stories are the same and you have been writing for many years. How do you do it? Well keep it up lady because I am starting a fund to be sure that all of your books are included in my personal collection. Thank you for giving some of us ladies hope.

  369. Ava M says

    Love your books, and the new site. One question, when will the online store be available? There are a few books I would like to order that I can’t find at the bookstore.

  370. Tanja says


    I must thank you for all of the wonderful books that you have written that I have read. Thanks for such awesome reading……

  371. Rita says

    I recently discovered your Madaris series and you as an Author over the past month or so. (already read 6 books) I can’t wait to read the Westmoreland series, which is getting great reviews from my co-workers. Where have I been, can’t believe I’m just finding out about this wonderful author.

    Thank you for such great reading………

  372. Niki Knox says

    I recently discovered your Madaris Series and am totally hooked. I can’t wait to begin the Westmoreland Series.

      • Terra fletcher says

        I can’t wait for Bane to grow up. I’m looking forward to his story. You are a great author I can’t put your books down I’m trying my best to read all you books as I run across them. Happy for all you great success keep up the good work.

  373. Brenda W says

    Reponse to Whitney: Cupid’s Bow was reprinted in the anthology, Forever Mine that was published by Brenda Jackson’s publishing company February 2008. This book is now availabe on both the Kindle and The Nook. You may also order this book from Brenda Jackson’s online story.

  374. Whitney says

    Can someone help me please? Ive been looking for the third book In the Madaris Family Novels called “Cupid’s Bow.” I cant seemt to find it anywhere.

    • Brenda Jackson says

      It has been reissued in a book titled Forever Mine which is sold in my online book store, which should be back up this weekend.

  375. Amanda M. says

    Love love love all your books all connecting series as well. I think the only problem is I tend to finish them all within hours. Which always leave me waiting for the next book, also a huge Adrianne Byrd fan so I loved the way you used Quinton in Private Arrangements. Keep up the great work and God bless, can’t wait for the next one :)

  376. Belinda Green says

    Just checking out the website again. It’s looking good. It will be dynamite when everything is working!

    Iam thinking about cruising with you in June since you are leaving from Seattle which is where I happen to live! I luv top cruise so this would be a bonus to cruise with the BJ Family and friends. i’ll look forward to the pricing showing up soon.

    Keep on the journey that you have begun. We are all enjoying the sharing of each stop. Take care.

  377. C. Billips says

    Congratulations, Mrs. Jackson on your success!
    I am a huge fan of your writing. May God
    continue to bless your creativity!!

  378. Julie Hayes says

    Glad I found your web page. Love all your books I have read so far. Hopeing to read all of your books. Love the Steel’s and Westmoreland’s . Hope I can finds some books on the Madaris family soon, here in KCMO. Keep on writing such good stories about influential black families. Thanks.

  379. Tracy Hale says

    I just purchased the movie. I can’t wait to recieve it. Iread the books when it came out and it was fantastic. Thank you Brenda for being such a die hard romantic. You have made the romantic side of me soar. Thank you for the wonderful books.

  380. says

    hi brenda,i feel like we are old friends because your books have made me part of your life. i mostly love historial romances and mystery. but one day i stumbled on one of your westmoreland books and decided to read it cause of desire to read so much. but i had never read from black writers or about black man, even thought that is my have cause me to widen out in my reading for which i thank you, cause race should not be a reason to stop something good and you are good a writer.i never taken time to write anyone before but i felt that i must write to you to thank-you for your wonderful books. i have read all of westmoeland and the steels. can we your public have more of them!!! i missed you when you were here in chicago a little while ago due to sickness. i sure would like to meet you one day. keep up the good book.thank-you jane russell chicago

  381. sandy brodie says

    i love your books about the westmorelands and the steeles im from uk but i have had to order them from the us anymore westmorelands coming

  382. Esther Deans says

    The new website looks great! Happy birthday to you. I am hoping to be a winner during the February Celebration. Please keep up all of the great writing. Love you! I would like to hear more about Ashton Sinclair and Netherland, now that they are married in SURRENDER. Which book has the unfolding story of Sir Drake?

  383. Jackie Hall says

    Congratulations on ALL of your accomplishments! The new website is GREAT!!! You are my FAVORITE romance novelist hands down!!!! Truly Everlasting, the movie, rounded out my holiday season. I LOVED IT & the soundtrack is getting much play around my house…lol! The next movie should be a Madaris Family Reunion with all the family & friends from that series in attendance (Hint, Hint. Gerald Jr did you read this? ; D). A co-worker & I were trying to picture who would play what characters if we could put stars in the movie. Kenny Rogers & Omarr Dixon were great as Trask & Clayton. We would definitely keep them & Alex the same. Much love to you!!!

    • Brenda Jackson says

      Glad you enjoyed the movie. We haven’t decided what is the next movie. Family Reunion is a good idea. We will be doing cost analysis soon to see what book can be made into a movie and kept within our budget.

      • Shana says

        I just started to read that book but if a action moive is what you want then go with the Maxwells (Alex & Christy), I really loved their story.

        • says

          I just watched the Truly Everlasting DVD it was great. I agree that the next movie should be about Alex and Christy.

          I really enjoyed meeting Brenda at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion. Keep up the good work.

  384. Kim says

    I love the new site….. I love all of your books, especially the Men of Steele and the Westmoreland Series. Keep up the great writing!!!!

      • Sonia Smith says

        Hi Debra,
        I just want to say that I am addicted to the Westmorland Series and my favorite is the book about Jared Westmorland. I always say that is so creative about how he was playing the games situation and I tell my friend that I want to introduce those games to him. He was not liking the game especially my favorite RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT; so I drop that butt with the quickness we can live out your fantasy and no mine GOOD BYE TO YOU. I have read all of the other books you have written and I want to thank my best friend Corey Sweat for introducing your books to me. I cannot wait for Zane, Canyon and Stern’s book to come out I have already pre-orderd and I am so anxious, but right now I am finishing reading the Playa’s series and I am loving that as well. You are an incredible writer and I hope you continue to write more Westmorland series after Sterns book is released.

    • Anita Robinson says

      I want to say how much I enjoyed reading A Silken Thread. It reminded me so much of The Ties That Bind. I live vicariously through your romance novels. Reading your books help me to create in my mind the kind of man that I would one day hope to meet. I would like to see you write more books like these. You took the characters through the challenges that go along with love in an in-depth way. Continue to give us hopeless romantics those kinds of stories. Continue to do the good work that you do!!!!

        • Krystal Turner says

          I have read a few of your books and I really do love them. But where I have moved at they do not sell your books here. So I havent read any of your new books out. :(

          • Tamaira says

            You should order from amazon or Brenda’s website!
            Also you can purchase an e-reader (Kindle)…

            I can’t imagine not having access to her books!

            I’m a big fan! I am hoping to see her today in DC.

    • Ja'Net R. Joiner says

      Hi Mrs. Jackson, I just finished reading Courting Justice. 100++++ stars for you. This was a wonderful story. Can’t wait for the next one!!!!!!!

    • Shona B! says

      I love your books Mrs. Brenda Jackson!! I came across you by chance and I am in love with reading the Westmoreland series! It is a pleasure to read about Black Love! These are respectable men and women with family values! I pray you continue this series! I wish you continued success and prosperity! After this series ends is there another series you would suggest?

    • Marcia Hill says

      Brenda: Where can I get copies of your books that are out of print? THE PROPOSAL was the first book I read
      of yours and was instantly hooked. I love you, I LOVE Jason Westmoreland. Please include him and Bella in
      some of your latest books.

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