Eternally Yours

In TONIGHT AND FOREVER, Brenda Jackson introduced us to Justin Madaris, a handsome widower fighting to forget the past. In WHISPERED PROMISES, we met his brother Dex, a man in love with his ex-wife. Now in ETERNALLY YOURS, a third Madaris brother, Clayton, takes center stage as a lady’s man who begins to see love in a whole new light.

Attorney Syneda Walters and fellow attorney Clayton Madaris are just friends. . .the last two people likely to end up as lovers. Syneda holds all men at arms length because of the father whose name she never knew. Things suddenly heat up between them when Syneda inpulsively accepts Clayton’s invitation to join him for a Florida vacation, and is shocked at how much passion she feels. To Clayton, Syneda has become a temptation he cannot resist …and the woman he wants to share the rest of his life with. But getting her to trust again means finding a way to heal old wounds and convincing her, with all his heart, that she will always be, eternally his.

“Ms. Jackson has done it again!…another Madaris brother sweeps us off to fantasyland.
Eternally Yours is a 42-carat diamond!” — Romantic Times

“Eternally Yours…A truly touching and heartfelt story that is guaranteed to melt the hardest of hearts.” — Rendezvous

“Filled with family love, brotherly antics, sensuality, and just enough intrigue and surprises…Eternally Yours is a story rich with fascinating characters. Too bad there are no more Madaris brothers.” — Affaire de Coeur

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