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  1. Christi Sturdivant
    Christi Sturdivant says:

    I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful author and a beautiful person. I enjoy your books and look forward to reading many many more!!

  2. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Mrs. Jackson, I’m a fan of ALL your books! I’ve read each Westmoreland story at least three times. Each series of your books are captivating , my husband had even began reading before he passed away a year ago. I’m really hoping that there will be more to the Westmoreland’s since Rico and Megan were still investigating. Praying God’s Blessings upon you and your gift.

  3. Debra
    Debra says:

    Mrs. Jackson I’ve been a fan of yours since A LITTLE DARE and I’ll continue to be a fan of yours as long as write. You never disappoint. The Westmorelands, Madaris, Montgomery, The Bennett’s just to name a few has always been a reason to not put my book down until I finished. You’re the best.

  4. Alice Smith
    Alice Smith says:

    Mrs. Jackson became hooked on your books after reading my first Westmoreland book and have been a fan every since. As I would like to complete a few of the series that I have, I’m wondering if you are going to write more about the Madaris and continue the Westmoreland series by adding their newfound relatives the Outlaws?

  5. Tooba Shah
    Tooba Shah says:

    Hi Brenda

    I’m writing from Pakistan. I’m a fan (obviously) but I am writing because I read about the shooting in your hometown of Jacksonville. I hope your family and friends are ok, it is a tragedy indeed.
    My hometown is Lahore in Pakistan and a few years ago, our entire country was plagued by terrorism. But things are much improved now. I realize that this is a difficult time so I hope my words will mean something.

    • Vivian Matthews
      Vivian Matthews says:

      Good Evening Mrs. Jackson, I was setting at my desk at work trying to figure out on what I should read next. Wait let me back up for a minute. First and foremost, I love you. I been reading your books since 2007 and I haven’t stop yet.

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