Interview with Delaney Westmoreland Yasir

Hello, I’m Delaney Westmoreland Yasir and thanks for your questions.

Jamal and I are still happily married with two beautiful children. Prince Ari Terek Yasir who is nine and Princess Arielle Johari Yasir who is four. She was named after Jamal’s two sisters who I’ve gotten very close too. It was important to Jamal that both our children be born in his homeland. And Asalum is watching over our little ones the same way he watched over Jamal when he was growing up. Already we know that Ari is going to be a handful and often makes Asalum think seriously about retiring. Jamal was recently named King and there will be a huge coronation ceremony next year. I’m looking forward to all my family attending. Now that Johari has married Sheikh Rasheed Valdemon, she lives in another country. Jamal’s father, King Yasir and Queen Fatimah love spending time with them; especially since Johari and Rasheed have a son. They also like visiting Arielle and her family as well.

It was hard leaving my family and moving to Tehran, but Jamal was understanding and took me back home whenever he thought I got too homesick. I’ve adjusted and my mother-in-law, Queen Fatimah was wonderful with the transition. It was hard learning the language, but Jamal thinks I caught on quickly. Surprisingly, there was little opposition to Jamal marrying a Westerner. Jamal always said once his people got to know me they would love me and I believe he is right. I definitely love them.

Jamal and I feel two children are enough and don’t plan on having any more. And yes, I did open that medical facility in Tehran and love being a doctor. I look forward to visits home but especially enjoy when my family visit me here. So far all of them has. When Tara and Thorn came over last year we took them over to Dubai and had a wonderful shopping experience. Jamal owns a lot of property there.

Yes, I am still outspoken, but understand the customs here and give my husband the utmost respect. However, he knows I will speak my mind and says he won’t have me any other way. I hope I have made a difference as a number of women are attending college here.

And for those who asked, yes, Jamal is still the perfect kisser and has perfected Ares. He teases me often about sending our son Ari to the Greek Isles when he gets older, but I am adamant about him not doing so. I have a birthday coming up and I’m not sure what Jamal is planning but he is planning something. Knowing him it will be bigger than the surprise party at my cousin Ian’s resort at Lake Tahoe when I turned thirty. I can’t believe that was five years ago.

It was nice chatting with all of you.