Interview with Jared Westmoreland

Hello everyone, this is Jared Westmoreland.

I just left a meeting but wanted to take this time to say hello and pass along an update on how things are going with me and my family. Right now I’m stuck in evening rush-hour traffic in Atlanta, but there’s no other place that I’d rather be than Hot-lanta. I’m still living in Alpharetta area. Dana and I are conside…ring building a new home in a co
uple of years on Westmoreland land, not far from where Thorn and Tara resides, but we haven’t made a decision about that yet.

Dana…what can I say about my gorgeous lady? Even after six years, it’s hard to believe what started out as a fake engagement has transformed into the type of love I never knew could exist. You know the story. Although my parents had a good and long married, I dealt with enough divorces to make me never want to marry. I would admit I was one cynical bastard where true love is concerned. I saw the worse in people who at one time had vowed to love each other forever…for better or for worse.

But my life with Dana has shown me that you cannot judge anyone’s unhappiness against your happiness. Yes, I’m still a divorce attorney – the best in the nation as far as I’m concerned. Business has grown tremendously and I’m handling a lot more celebrity cases than before. I’ve open another firm in LA, and hired great people to run it for me. Whenever I travel I take my family with me.

One thing that has changed is that I only represent clients who agree to participate in a special counseling session with their spouse. It’s important for me to know that the marriage truly can’t be saved. I deeply believe in the sanctity of marriage, so I’m very selective with the marriages I help bring to an end.

I have a two-year old daughter name Jaren. She is a beauty just like her mother. Dana and I plan on increasing our family soon. We don’t want Jaren to be an only child. With no family Dana had felt alone after her parents died and she believes it would have been easier on her if she’d had a sibling or two. I think Dana would like a son but it doesn’t matter to me. Son or daughter would make me happy.

Yes, Dana and I still play our little private games and one day I’ll share the list with you. It’s grown and is a couple of pages long. However, Red Light / Green Light is still our favorite. My mom is still cancer-free and doesn’t have to get check-ups as often as before and that’s good. Her first grandchild (Durango’s daughter) was named after her and that made her extremely happy. She always wanted to see her sons married off and hoped they would give her plenty of grand kids. She’s gotten her wish. I have one…for now; Durango has 2; Ian has 2; and would you believe Quade as triplets and doesn’t plan to stop there; Spencer has 2; and baby-bro Reggie has two with another on the way. Holidays aren’t like they used to be with all of us married off.

No. Mom never found out my engagement to Dana wasn’t the real thing. In fact only a few people know the truth. I told Durango and my cousin Dare, but that’s it. I doubt if anyone else will believe me. They think Dana and I feel in love at first sight and in a way I believe we did. I’ll never forget the day she burst into my office, ready to tear my head off. I can’t help but smile when I think of how mad she was.

She had endured a lot of unhappiness before meeting me and once I knew I loved her, my vow was to make her happy always. I didn’t want her to ever feel alone again. Now she doesn’t. She has more family than she will ever need. Dana is still a landscape architect at Kessler Industries and she is thinking about starting her own business next year. She’s good at what she does and with the way businesses are going up around here, her profession will always be in demand.

Hey, what do you think about Sylvester Brewster picking up that Grammy for Artist of the Year for two years straight. I am so proud of him and he’s doing fine. He and Jackie are still married and have three kids now. Can you believe that? All boys. They live out in LA most of the time and Dana and I visit them whenever we’re out that way.

Dana and I love to sit back and laugh about how our relationship started..all over an engagement ring she hadn’t wanted to give back. We’re having guests for dinner tonight. Dana’s best friend Cybil and her husband Ben. Cybil and Ben are Jaren’s god-parents and they are the best. Dana still puts flowers on her parent’s graves like she used to. I hate I never got the chance to meet them, but thank God for them because they are the ones that produce the woman who has my heart.

We purchased a beach house on Jekyll Island and I’m sure you know why. That island will always hold special memories for us. That’s the best place to play Hide and Seek. You get my meaning? Dana and I will always keep the spark going in our marriage. There is never a dull moment. I am married to the most passionate woman on earth. Easters are still hard for her at times. Luther Cord and his partner recently moved to New York and are legally married now. Dana and I are happy for them. Neither of us harbor ill feelings for Luther. If it wasn’t for him then we would not have met. We want Luther to be as happy in his marriage as we are in ours.

Someone asked if while I was single did I ever date any of my client’s exes and the answer is no. Although I enjoyed my single life, I thought doing something like that was unethical. The reason I dated Dana is because I knew the real deal with Luther Cord.

Someone wants to know if any of my brothers and I were ever interested in the same girl and the answer is no. But I do recall in high school liking a girl who Thorn liked as well. We tossed a coin to see which one of us would hit on her. Thorn won. Took her riding on his bike. Yeah, we tossed a coin. We were young and foolish then, what can I say.

We get away to visit Uncle Corey and Abby at least twice a year. Dana learned to ski and I take her skiing on Uncle Corey’s mountain every January. Someone asked if I could change places with any other Westmoreland who would it be? The answer is easy…No one but myself. I love my life and the people I have in it. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Okay, traffic is moving again and I need to concentrate on my driving. I can’t wait to get home to my two favorite ladies.

Take care,