Perfect Timing

Mya Rivers and Maxie Chandler have been friends since they were little girls in Savannah. Mya’s decision not to attend Howard University with Maxie severely affects their friendship. Ten years later, a class reunion cruise brings them together. The class outcast, Christopher Chandler, is also attending the reunion. Since he left Savannah, he has become a handsome, educated, and successful business owner. Christopher and Maxie have the same last name, which causes an error to be made in their reservations and they are assigned the same cabin. During the seven-day cruise, Maxie and Christopher finally discuss their feelings. They discover that they have always been attracted to one another. After the cruise, Mya and her childhood-sweetheart husband, Garrett, begin experiencing a strain in their marriage. This class reunion could not have come at a more prefect time for Mya and Maxie. Just when each of them is struggling with emotionally difficult situations, they rekindle their friendship, and the result is a warm reading experience.

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