The Playa’s Handbook

Keynote: If you want to be a playa, you’ve got to learn to live by the
rules. . .

There’s not a whole lot happening in Gary, Indiana. That is, until
nationally renowned relationship expert Lance Montgomery bursts onto the
scene. Montgomery, twice divorced, is on a mission to perfect the art of being single. His controversial book, The Playa’s Handbook, is causing quite a stir.

Some of the rules from his handbook are:

* Never give a woman the key to your apartment
* Playas “have sex”; they don’t “make love”
* Don’t be afraid not to commit, no matter how hot the sex is
* A woman can’t use you if you use her first

One night, while watching the game and drinking beer, friends Marcus Lowery, Samuel Gunn, and Phillip McKenna, all admit to buying Montgomery’s book. Recent divorcees, Phillip and Sam are looking to unleash their inner playa. And after being a widower for a little over a year, Marcus is ready to cautiously ease back into the dating scene. So they decide to put the rules to the test. . .and end up going on one of the wildest trips of their lives.

From Essence bestselling author, Brenda Jackson, comes a fun, sexy book that fans won’t forget.

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