Tonight and Forever

After her marriage ends in a bitter divorce, all Lorren Jacobs wants is to leave California behind. Returning to her roots in Texas seems to be just what the doctor ordered . . . until she meets real-life physician Justin Madaris. Lorren has vowed never to give her heart to another man, but she can’t stop herself from responding to the handsome widower’s sensuous whispers of love . . .
Justin thought no woman could ever move him as deeply as his wife had. Until Lorren. She rekindles a desire he never believed he’d feel gain. But sharing a life together means letting go of the past. Somehow, Justin and Lorren must fight through the painful memories to fulfill the passionate promise of tomorrow.

This is a terrific book, filled with love in all its guises. Ms. Jackson brings passion and tenderness, faith and trust, together with friendship and does it so well.” — The Paperback Forum

“Tonight and Forever…is so well written and entertaining that readers of all genres will
enjoy the experience.” — Affaire de Coeur

“Mrs. Jackson’s impressive debut novel is a silk and satin fantasy grounded in sensual reality.” — Romantic Times

“Tonight and Forever is a genuine love story…an outstanding experience readers won’t forget for a long time.” — Rendezvous

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