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Westmoreland Family Interviews


Interview with Delaney Westmoreland Yasir

Hello, I'm Delaney Westmoreland Yasir and thanks for your questions. Jamal and I are still happily married with two beautiful children. Prince Ari Terek Yasir who is nine and Princess Arielle Johari Yasir who is four. She was named after Jamal's two sisters who I've gotten very close too. It was … [Read More...]


Interview with Dare Westmoreland

Hello everyone. This is Dare Westmoreland and I wanted to give you an update on how things have been going for me and my family. First of all, my folks are going well. Thanks for asking about them. They purchased a RV and hit the road in it quite a bit along with my aunt and uncle. I'm still … [Read More...]


Interview with Thorn Westmoreland

Hey, this is Thorn Westmoreland and I want to give you an update on how things have been going with me and my family. Tara is still pretty much keeping me in line, and everyone who knows me claims I'm not as surly and moody as I used to be; although I can still be a thorn in their sides at times. … [Read More...]


Interview with Stone Westmoreland

Hello everyone. This is Stone Westmoreland. Madison and I arrived in Atlanta earlier today. I was on a book signing tour in Minnesota to promote my latest action thriller titled, While She Was Weeping. It should be at a bookstore near you. Or there's a chance my tour might bring me to you … [Read More...]


Interview with Jared Westmoreland

Hello everyone, this is Jared Westmoreland. I just left a meeting but wanted to take this time to say hello and pass along an update on how things are going with me and my family. Right now I'm stuck in evening rush-hour traffic in Atlanta, but there's no other place that I'd rather be than … [Read More...]


Interview with Chase Westmoreland

Hello everyone, Chase here. First I want to extend an invitation to any of you in the Atlanta area to drop by Chase's Place for a great home cooked meal. We recently opened a Chase's Place in Memphis and are looking to expand out west to Los Angeles. If you all recall my best waitress Donna left to … [Read More...]

The Durango Affair

Interview with Durango Westmoreland

Hello everyone, this is Durango bringing you greetings from Montana. As you know, my cousin Chase and I married sisters. Chase married Jessica Claiborne and I married Savannah. And will you believe their brother Rico married my cousin Megan last year? It seems the Claibornes knew they found good … [Read More...]

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