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Praise for the movie

My film review…
I LOVED THE MOVIE!!!! It was everything that the book was. My only problem was that it ended at the wedding and not the reception like the book. I can’t wait for the next movie. Much love to you Mrs. Jackson, and keep doing what you are doing. God has given you a talent and thanks for sharing it with us all. Be forever Blessed!!

-Wanda, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

My film review…
To Brenda and Gerald Jackson Jr., this was a great film that followed the storyline from the book. Thank you for a wonderful movie and look forward to many, many more since you have 89+ published novels!! And to the other fan who mentioned the reception scene…there wasn’t a reception scene even in the actual may be thinking of Eternally Yours with Clayton and Syneda Madaris!!

-BRENDA, ORLANDO, FL, United States

My film review…Brenda Jackson did an awesome job on her first film. If you have read the book, the movie follows the book perfectly. We all know that a lot of the times the book is way better than the movie, but this one stays on track with what goes on in the book and really brings it to life! It was great to see the scenes I read in the book on screen and I can not wait for her to make more of her books into a movie! Great job Mrs. Jackson! You will have my full support on the next film!

-Reshemah, Sulphur Springs, Tx, United States

I love Truly Everlasting. Brenda has a way with pulling here readers into her books. The movie did the same thing for me. I am so glad that she did her work her way. I hated the first movie that was done of her’s by someone else. Kept bringing your loyal friends movies like this Brenda and you know that we will support you. Congrats to you, your loving husband and your gifted son.
-Peggy , Philadelphia, PA, United States

My film review… Truly Everlasting” the movie is such a warm your heart romance. It captures you from the beginning with a little boy only wanting a dad for Christmas but it keeps you hanging on because the love story that unfolds between two archrivals. What a wonderful journey to see the development of two people that needed love, especially when they least expected it. I have really enjoyed this movie so much I have purchased many copies so that my family and friends can see what an amazing producer Romance author Brenda Jackson has become. Mrs. Jackson and her son Gerald Jackson, Jr. have created an enjoyable film, these newcomers to the film industry is here to stay. The DVD is truly a keepsake – you don’t want to miss out – pick up a copy. Spread a little love during this Holiday Season with Truly Everlasting – a love story.

-Connie, Waldorf, MD, United States

My film review… I finally just sat back watched the movie, Instead of thoroughly analyzing it first to see how close it was to the book (we fans tend to do that) and I truly enjoyed it. It was a great movie for her very first shot at an independent film. and soo close to the book too. Loved the Madaris Brothers!! Great job!

-Susan, Detroit, Michigan, United States

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