This is a special day for me. It all started on a beautiful summer evening. Tuesday, July 11, 1967. I was 14 and visiting my grandmother. This particular 16-year old boy who lived in her neighborhood had walked me to and from the neighborhood store a few times that summer, and I thought he was cute and I liked him. On this particular evening he was on his bicycle and offered me a ride, so I jumped on the hambars and off we went. Right before we reached our destination he stopped the bike and asked if I would be his girlfriend. And I said yes! The rest is history. I recorded that night in my diary as “the best day of my life.” I kept that diary for 5 years and ended it on my wedding day, July 8, 1972, 5 years later. Thanks Gerald Jackson Sr. for asking me to be your girl! It’s been 46 years and I am still yours!