A Lover’s Touch

Kendra Redding and Slate Landis shared an intense love affair seven years ago, but a tragedy forced Slate to leave town — and Kendra — without looking back. Now he has returned and Kendra intends to show him just what he’s been missing — sizzling passion that he can get only from a lover’s touch. But Kendra’s looking for a strictly physical reunion — she’s not about to lose her heart to Slate a second time.

Slate knows he lost the best thing in his life when he left Kendra behind, and he intends to correct that mistake. And if he can convince Kendra’s body before she can convince her heart, than so be it….

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Never Too Late

Twelve days and counting…
In less than two weeks, Sienna Bradford will be Sienna Davis once again. On the verge of divorce, Sienna has been ordered to remove her belongings from the Smoky Mountain cabin she once shared with her soon-to-be-ex, Dane. Unbeknownst to Sienna, Dane has also made the trip up to the cabin to collect something he left behind. And that major blizzard the weather reports say is still three days away? Well, it just made its own unexpected appearance….

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Sexual Healing

It had always been meant for Reese Singleton and Leah Mason to be together.  He’d even started to build her the house he planned to surprise her with on their wedding day.  A tragedy Leah refused to share with Reese sent her running to LA for five years.  Now she is back and Reese is not sure he can ever forgive her for leaving him for no reason.  When he discovers the reason, he knows it will only be his love, patience and strength that will be able to heal the woman he’s always loved and make the both of them whole again.

NOTE – Sequel to Night Heal, Steel Family Series Book 3

Book 1 – Intro – Never Too Late
Book 2 – Solid Soul
Book 3 – Night Heat
Book 3a – Sexual Healing
Book 4 – Beyond Temptation
Book 5 – Risky Pleasure
Book 6 – Irresistible Forces
Book 7 – Quade’s Babies
Book 8 – Intimate Seduction

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