A Family Reunion

It’s been fifteen years since the Bennetts were allin one place at one time, and now at a total blowout of a reunion, three generations will gather to reminisce and reestablish deep roots. But for four special cousins, hidden desires and long-kept secrets will challenge their bond, test their courage, and change their hearts forever…

Taye—A hair stylist with big ambitions, she trusted the wrong men…now she’s determined to land the right one, no matter who stands in her way.

Michael—A divorced airline pilot struggling to manage his teenage daughter…turbulence comes when a new passion enters his life.

Alexia—The chubby little girl became a sexy superstar who seems to have it all…except the one thing she’s always wanted to make her life complete.

Rae’jean—Engaged to be married, this pretty young doctor’s past has been shrouded in mystery. Now she’s coming home to finally learn the truth…

Before this reunion is over, this unforgettable foursome will have to go beyond betrayal and reach deep for forgivemenss if they truly want to understand the bone-deep bond of love that is family.


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