Interview with Durango Westmoreland

The Durango AffairPromises of SeductionHello everyone, this is Durango bringing you greetings from Montana. As you know, my cousin Chase and I married sisters. Chase married Jessica Claiborne and I married Savannah. And will you believe their brother Rico married my cousin Megan last year? It seems the Claibornes knew they found good people in the Westmorelands and decided to keep it all in the family. I totally enjoy being married and never in my wildest dream thought it would be this way. Savannah is everything a man could possibly want in a wife and I’m glad she’s mine. And if you recall our marriage was supposed to be in-name-only. So much for that. I am so in love with my wife that it ain’t funny.

Savannah and I still make our home in Montana and have a beautiful daughter Sarah who is 6, and we are expecting a son in June. We’re still trying to decide on names. Any suggestions? My parents are doing well and Dad likes to visit his brother Cory on his mountain twice a year. Mom was tickle pink when we named our daughter after her. And she is still cancer-free.

I’m no longer a park ranger, When our horse training and breeding business took off, I took early retirement. But I do volunteer work for the park services whenever I can. I enjoy it tremendously.

Yes, I still drive a Durango. Both Savannah and I do. I’m still partners with McKinnon and expanded the business to include my cousins Clint, Casey, Derringer, Jason and Zane. Business is doing extremely well and we have a number of clients. Several of our horses had won top awards including the Kentucky Derby.

As you know my brother-in-law/cousin-in-law Rico is investigating the possibility of additional Westmorelands out there. We’re all excited and try not to ask Rico too many questions. He’s good about keeping us updated about anything he finds out.

Savannah is still somewhat bitter with her father because of his past mistakes. It’s not easy to forgive someone who has hurt you and she isn’t there yet. My wife has a good heart and I believe in time she will be able to forgive her father. Her mother remarried and Sarah is blessed to have such loving grandparents on both sides.

Would you believe that Savannah and I went to the Kentucky Derby last year and I ran into Tricia Carrington? Yes, that Tricia. It seems her family had hit hard times and she’s the mistress of a married wealthy rancher. She was surprised to see that I had moved up in the world. She slid her phone number on a piece of paper into my shirt pocket and told me to look her up sometime. I took out the note, gave it back to her and told her she wasn’t worth my time or effort and that I had a real woman in my life. She didn’t take that well, but I don’t give a damn. It felt good that the last laugh was mine.

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