Living Large

Celebrating life and love as seen through the eyes of four memorable, generously proportioned heroines, this collection of novellas from some of romance’s favorite multicultural writers is a real winner. A new divorc e finds love with a geek-turned-god in Alers’s delightful “Reunion.” After 30 years of marriage, a 52-year-old heroine learns that she is pregnant and must deal with her husband’s and adopted adult daughter’s reactions in Donna Hill’s thought-provoking “Surprise.” A female judge is attracted to a virile jogger, but when he shows up as an attorney in her courtroom, things become complicated in Brenda Jackson’s sexy “Bare Essentials.” And in Francis Ray’s lively “Strictly Business,” a savvy but wary businesswoman eventually finds love with her partner. Although the stories vary stylistically, the focus is true. Readers of all shapes and sizes, especially those tired of waiflike heroines, will find this anthology the perfect diversion. The authors live, respectively, on Long Island, NY, and in Brooklyn, NY, Jacksonville, FL, and Dallas, TX. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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