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  1. Tameka Perrien
    Tameka Perrien says:

    I would just like to say that I have been a fan since your first book and I am addicted. I have all of your books and I would love for you to start working on the Outlaw Series and to start with the father. I also want to wish you many many more years of continued success. Keep the stories coming.

    • Carla Brown
      Carla Brown says:

      I would also like for you to do the Outlaw series to continue the next phase of the Westmoreland.
      You start whereever you like how about the oldest son. I’m a true Brenda Jackson fan with all your books.
      We just luv Brenda Jackson you have a way and style of writing next to none.

  2. Delisa
    Delisa says:


    I’m finishing up The Protector Series” and it is a great read as always. I love your books and have been reading them for many, many, many, many years. I really enjoy reading your books. I hope you plan to write Roland Summers story. He needs to find love and it will take quite the woman to get him over Becca. Thanks for all the years of wonderful reading enjoyment.

    • Robin Stevenson
      Robin Stevenson says:

      Hello Mrs Jackson
      I just wanted to know when you are write about the outlaw family? I and all my book friend can’t wait to read thier stories.

  3. Grace Nelson
    Grace Nelson says:

    Hi Ms Jackson i get your books from my local library but they say Corys Mountain is only an ebook and they are not able to get a printed copy . Will more of your books be ebooks only ?

  4. Wil
    Wil says:

    You are, by far, my best-loved author of all times. I have tried to read all of your books since I discovered you many years ago. Your books actually make me swoon. I love the family themes , all consuming and realistic love that your books portray.
    Your characters are so real, I actually begin to think that I know them and often wonder what’s next in store for them. You must be a fantastic writer to be able to do that-and, MS JACKSON–you do! I love you and all of your characters.


    • Kay
      Kay says:

      I have read all of your books and I can truly say that you are a great author and I have enjoyed your work completely. God Bless

  5. Tameco Jackson
    Tameco Jackson says:

    I recently read your books, for the first time, late last year (2017). My sister and I are avid readers and she mentioned that she had read most of your books, while deployed. I was kinda bothered she never mentioned your books to me. But, still love her and you and your books. I just sent her a message saying i’m going to read all of your books!! And I am determined. Not giving myself a timeline, but I will read them. I am starting with the Westmoreland series (I know, I have a lot of catching up to do). But, I am definitely going to enjoy the ride!!! Love your books. You are an awesome author!!!!!

  6. Renee Davis
    Renee Davis says:

    I am a long time fan of your books. Just finished Forged in Desire, already read Seized by Seduction. Moving on to Locked in Temptation. I also have read the other books in the Granger series. I hope you are considering a book on Roland Summers. I think he should have a second chance at love and I think her name should be Renee, because he is my kind of man. I truly enjoy every book you have written and will remain a life long fan.

  7. Deidre
    Deidre says:

    Good evening Mrs. Jackson,

    I just completed your book Breathless that I received from the library and am now reading Midnight. I love your books as I am a true romantic at heart! I will be purchasing them from now on.

    Thank you and may God continue to bless you!

    • Deidre
      Deidre says:

      Mrs. Jackson,

      My sincerest apologies to you. I have the wrong author for the books that I have just posted. I will begin reading your books as well.

    • Elsie Houston
      Elsie Houston says:

      This book was just purchase . I have read all of your books. Is it possible to get a graph which the show relationship of the people. I their catageries.

  8. Sophia Turner
    Sophia Turner says:

    Hello, Ms. Jackson: I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your books. I especially enjoy the way you have a series about one family and then you continue on with their friends. That takes a lot of talent and you are so good at it. I have been reading your books since you wrote the story on Loren and Justin Madrasis. I always buy 2 or 3 of your books at a time because it seems like when I read one I instantly want to go right into another one. Please don’t every stop writing because you are good. be blessed

  9. Lorraine Sanders
    Lorraine Sanders says:

    OMG, where to start. I’m a total Brenda Jackson-aholic! There is nothing like a cozy spot to read and a Westmoreland man to start the dream machine working. Mrs. Jackson takes me on these wonderful journeys of romance. Then the Madaris series, the Steeles, the Bachelor series, the Grangers and now the Protectors, oh my, oh my.

    Mrs. Jackson thank you for writing such wonderful stories and I’m so looking forward to the next story. Keep them coming and I’ll happily keep reading!

    • Dorothy Trueheart
      Dorothy Trueheart says:

      I fell in love with the Westmorelands years ago. Whenever I want to read a good love story, Brenda Jackson never disappoints.

  10. nicky dunham
    nicky dunham says:

    I am a new reader of your books I do love your characters and story lines. Do to the fact that I am a new reader I would like to read your books in order of the stories. I can not find that on your site. You have a listing of series but you have the granger books and the protector books listed together. Which came first? It would be nice if you had a chart that showed stand alones and spin off’s. Just your new readers have some direction to follow if they want to read in chronological order.

  11. Betty Gilbert
    Betty Gilbert says:

    I am a complete fan of Brenda Jackson! I love her books and the wonderful way that her characters and her stories evolve. Some of my best days are spent are spent reading about my favorite fictional families as captured by Mrs. Jackson. Long live the Queen of Romance “Mrs. Brenda Jackson”!

  12. Dionne Bostic
    Dionne Bostic says:

    Love the Westmorelands. I dream of getting my own Westmoreland man… who doesn’t? You’re such a gifted writer. Thanks for sharing that gift through these books.

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