No More Playas

The steamy sequel to the unforgettable The Playa’s Handbook. Now the biggest playa of them all is back and he’s ready to change a few of the rules!

Lance Montgomery, renowned relationship expert, has perfected the art of being a playa. His acclaimed workshops and bestselling books prove it. His most popular title, The Playa’s Handbook, caused an uproar among black women and men, and shot to the top of the bestseller charts.

Then Lance met Dr. Asia Fowler, a colleague whose views on love are vastly different from his own. Intrigued and unable to forget her, Lance wanted her in his bed. Instead, she found her way into his heart. Fighting his feelings for her, Lance drove her into the arms of another man before realizing she is the first woman he has ever loved. Now he’s determined to get her back. No matter what.

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